Crowbat: Back 4 Blood proves Valve carried Left 4 Dead.


It should be an expectation that a more modern game is superior to an older title, not just graphically but in terms of mechanics and content.

Games like Back 4 Blood simply highlight that outside of a higher minimum level of graphical fidelity games are quite simple worse beneath it.

Their not the only one, and for younger gamers this won't be a problem because there is no comparison point for them, but for older gamers you can easily notice the slide back in quality compared to prior titles.

It shouldn't be acceptable, but it is.
I wholeheartedly agree. They had plenty of examples to show them and tell them what the community enjoys, what they preferred, what they hate, etc. But they just shook it all off. The folks I knew felt the exact same way, including myself. They hyped the game REALLY hard, but in so many ways it fell flat for the majority. I think Turtle Rock does some really neat stuff, but when it's just themselves, there's always something that's missing IMO. Hopefully their next game really lands.
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