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Cruncheons 56: E3 2015, Destiny, Nvidia Shield, PC/PS4/Vita accessories

Eel O'Brian

Aug 29, 2005

In this episode we discuss our picks of E3, The Destiny Alpha, The Nvidia Shield, Some PC/PS4/Vita accessory reviews, and wrap it up with a dramatic reading of one of the best Steam user reviews ever written.

Segment One:

Destiny Alpha impressions, E3 picks

Segment 2:

(1:10:00) Steam Sale Comin'
(1:15:30) G105 Gaming Keyboard, G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse, PS Gold Wireless Headset, O'Plaza Vita Grips, Blue Cell Vita analog stick covers reviews
(1:28:15) Nvidia Shield review
(1:37:00) Dramatic Reading - Europa Universalis IV Steam User Review

We'll talk to you again soon!