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Crysis 3 Open Beta starting Jan 29th


Lets go!


That redirects me to the main page. The beta is not available in the demo section of the catalogue. I live in New Zealand though, that's maybe the reason. Is the beta exclusive to the US?

Yeah i see it on the origin store here in the netherlands but i cannot download it also.


Licorice-flavoured booze?
Also downloading...

Quite excited about this even though I don't really care for MP, just want to know how this will run on my rig.


you don't need a key or facebook, just click the link at the top of this page. enter your origin login info then your browser will ask if it can open origin and you say yes.


Not available outside the US it seems?

Can't see it here via Aussie Origin :(
Don't know about Australia, but I am downloading from the UK so it is available outside of USA.

I just launched Origin, a banner popped up saying beta availble. Clicked it, opened browser, followed instructions and it launched Origin again with the beta this time.
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