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CrystalD to make announcement that will "change the way you play Tomb Raider forever"

I realize this video came out a week ago, but there was never a thread, and their pre-order sheet reminded me of this quote.

The Final Hours of Tomb Raider Episode 3 said:
Tune in next time for a special secret announcement that is going to change the way you play Tomb Raider forever.
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zadNXgwqNnI

Their pre-order unveil timeline:

Given that December 18th is pretty close, I thought some people might be interested in speculating what this is.

One popular guess was a Wii U version, especially given Straight Right's resumes, but Square Enix is also pretty big on social integration judging by Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, and Facebook in Final Fantasy XIII-2, so something along those lines is also plausible.

Or maybe something else altogether? I mean, that was a fairly strong statement.

Any guesses, or perhaps something you would like to see even if you think it won't happen?


May 3, 2006
Cant wait for the TOUCH THE TOUCH SCREEN TO AVOID THE RAPE SEQUENCE mechanic with the Wii U Version


Feb 22, 2010
You don't actually play Lara in the game, you play an ominous secret "protector" that watches over her from a distance, and help her complete objectives without her knowing.


May 9, 2011
I'm pretty sure this game's existence alone is changing the way we play Tomb Raider more than enough.

That being said announcements like this rarely go well for us. It'll be something like multiplayer or kinect shit.
Am i really the first to guess multiplayer? :p

How about multiplayer? There were advertising for a multiplayer designer a few years ago.

Edit: Did CD make GoL? I dunno.

Yeah, back in December 2010 they were hiring for multiplayer positions related to this title: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=25040433&postcount=892

They've been pretty quiet on the job postings front since then, so it is conceivable that was canceled.

However, the job postings mentioned a partner studio in Montreal, which makes me wonder that - if multiplayer exists - if it's made by Eidos Montreal. It would also explain why they wouldn't have hired much more in house.


wants to fuck an Asian grill.
Apr 9, 2009