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Crytek employee accurately answers interview question; gets shat on for no reason

“I would have to agree with the viewpoint that 8 gigs can easily be filled up, but also keep in mind that developers don’t necessarily even have access to all 8 gigs of it. For example the Xbox One retains some of the RAM for OS purposes. Since technology, as Ray Kurweil states, progresses exponentially, we will soon find that the computational requirements of games will quickly hit the ceiling of a few gigs of ram. We already had to manage quite intensely our memory usage throughout Ryse and this will be one of the limiting factors surely in this generation.



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Did he seriously quote Ray Kurzweil for this?

Also, Crytek's opinions on hardware are always amusing.

This thread is delicious

It can easily be filled up when you haven't released a well optimized game in a decade.

If this comment is supposed to be a slight against Crytek, then you have no idea how optimized their settings are in their games. Very high settings are not meant to be optimized, they are supposed to have riduiculously sample counts and features. Hence their exclusivity.
Hint, if a crytek game does not run well on your comp, turn down your settings from very high...
Isnt it still around 4-5gb of actual RAM available for games on the PS4?
Thats still more than enough to make them amazing, look at what ND did with TLoU with 512mb


Oh Crytek. For a company focused on tech in gaming your employees say the dumbest things.
Both comments seem entirely compatible to me. They wanted a minimum 8GB and are saying now that because they don't even have that available, that its a limiting factor during development.

Or am I missing something?

Insane Metal

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To think that many of us (including me) believed this gen would come with only 2 or 4GB... holy shit, good thing we were wrong. I just hope MS and Sony get more RAM free for the devs. 3GB+ for OS and other stuff is waaaaaay too much.
Errr duh Cryket.

Want to raytrace ... whoops GPU can't.

Want to mass compute millions of dynamic physical objects ... whoops CPU can't.

Want to load millions of textures ... whoops RAM won't.

Now tell us what you can do with them, anyone can tell you what they can't do.
Isnt it still around 4-5gb of actual RAM available for games on the PS4?
Thats still more than enough to make them amazing, look at what ND did with TLoU with 512mb

and how dynamic is that game world? Not at all, it is static and baked to the Nth degree.

RAM is used for increasing world dynamism. Wanting more of it is a good thing.

Crytek games on anything but the highest settings are stupidly well optimized for the visual quality you get. Crysis 2 runs at better than console settings on a x1950 for christ sakes.


It's funny people are giving Crytek shit for that old thread when it's likely they had a lot to do with the current consoles having 8GB of RAM.
Of course. I mean, some people where thinking that all games would be 60 FPS/1080p in this gen of consoles. It's of course a silly assumption, as these figures will rise in accordance with better and heavier engines and better effects/models/textures/other gameplay systems.


When they stop making games for their 'prettiness' then they can talk, until you achieve true immersion through story telling and incredible gameplay, shut your face. Gameplay > Graphics.

5-8gb is more than enough.


Main engine programmer for Metro Last Light said that giving entire 8GB pool for PS4 hardware would be too much, engines would not be efficient because of the bandwiths and latency. He was happy to hear that PS4 OS would take a chunk away.

Digital Foundry: To what extent is the 8GB of GDDR5 in the PlayStation 3 a game-changer? What implications does that have for PC, where even the standard GTX 680 ships with just 2GB of GDDR5?

Oles Shishkovstov: RAM is really, really important for games, but all of it actually being useful depends on available CPU-side bandwidth and latency to the external storage device. I think that they put slightly more RAM than necessary for truly next-generation games this time, but considering the past history of Sony stealing significant percentage of RAM from developers for OS needs - that may be exactly the right amount!


ITT: Couch developers on GAF slight dissenting opinions on those who dare criticize their beloved hardware.

Even if its from a dev that makes some of the best looking games, they don't have a point! Crytek "lol" John Carmack "what has he done for us lately" Gabe Newell "half life wasn't even that good." Opinions here are a circus, I must say.
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