Cuphead out September 29th for $19.99 (XB1/Windows 10 and Steam)

Also coming to Linux and Mac although not immediately from what I understand.

But this a definitely a title I would get via XPA but a gog version is also tempting.
Cool, it feels like it's been in development for a long time - maybe they just previewed it earlier than most do.

Anyway, looks like the game to play / watch a stream of while stoned.
It's mostly animating everything on "ones", which means there's a uniquely drawn frame for all 24fps of animation. Pretty much all Other animation is done on "twos" or "threes" to reduce the work load. Additionally, every frame is hand drawn and inked to maintain a sufficient level of roughness that gets polished out of modern animation.

You also have to do ridiculous stuff like animating every single frame of a rotating object, rather than relying on a single frame and rotating it in engine.

For the actual characters, we mimic the "rubber hose" look of the era, which is all the noodley arms and legs. The characters also generally bounce to an unheard beat instead of standing still.

Hand painting the backgrounds helps too.
Definitely mentioned some stuff I wasn't aware of. Thanks for putting in so much work to make a game that looks unlike any other, and perfectly captures the feel of the old popeye and disney cartoons I grew up on as a small child (that freaked me the hell out sometimes tbh). You guys are peers among the animators of those old timey cartoons as far as I'm concerned, and went above and beyond what I ever would've expected for a game with this visual style. Digging what I've seen of the the Contra-esque gameplay as well! Can't wait to play it in Sept.
So GAF, I'm not very tech savvy but I'd love to play this game. Would it run on a Surface Pro 3? And is there an easy way to hook up a Switch Pro Controller? Thanks!
Steam? Wow. I was expecting this to be a Windows 10 store exclusive.

Also, $20 bucks is a great price, I'll be picking this up on the Xbox One come September.
Teeth, I was just talking to my friend about how crazy it is that this game is only $20. I don't know the full length, but knowing the animation process and seeing the content from past videos, it already looked like a title I would have been more than willing to pay more for.

Usually the case is that I see a smaller studio's game, I think it looks like a neat concept worth pursuing and the price tag potentially takes me back a bit (usually $40 or more). Obviously, some have proven this caution more incorrect than others. So why and how only $20?
Everything about this looks amazing but there is one thing that worries me, the jump looks weird, I can't quite put my finger on it but there is something about it that seems kind of imprecise
Day one and getting it for the XB1. Will be juggling this and Danganronpa 3 all in the same week, good mix.

Will there be online co op or strictly local?