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Current gen on ultrawide. Now that the 9'th gen consoles have been out for a minute, whose tried it?


Mar 31, 2014
I know there's no official support OS level on either 9th gen box for ultrawide output. The SX does support 1440p where the PS5 does not.

But beyond that there's still some things I'm wondering about it. I'm getting this from work and, well, it seems like a shame to not also connect a PS5 to it in my downtime, as the fastest response time and densest (large) screen in the house.

With no official support, the options are
1) Black bars on the side for native 16:9
2) Fat people mode (stretched to fit)
3) "Cinema" modes that make the most of 16:9 by trying to fit it to the full panel without stretching it, there's usually one or two settings that cut more or less

This kind of video is what I'm looking for basically:

But I'm curious for more impressions than that. Does anyone play 9th gen on ultrawide exclusively? Which mode do you use, and does your ultrawide monitor support a 4K 16:9 output with a downscaler down to its native resolution? If you use a cinema mode that cuts a bit of the top and bottom, which games does it break?

Lastly, I reaaally wish both consoles would add native OS level support for it. Many games with a PC port already offer it so it would not be too much work of an optional patch for those, and games that support it could at least have that edge in advertising to this sorta niche community.
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