Custom Cover Art - Minimalist, clean, or alternative box arts for your favorite games

Jan 14, 2009
Love the grey Bayonetta cover, the R&CFTOD cover, and the new MGS4 cover too. (15RC, DarkGiygas, dentoomw). Everything in here is great. :)

I'll be downloading the TOB cover from TheCongressman1, that'll print in my next batch... I know I'd use the 3 above if I still owned the games or hadn't already done the super white MGS4 minimalist cover. BTW, thanks again DarkGiygas, now I don't have to try my hands on the FTOD one... that one is probably better than any slop I'd have generated. ;)
Dec 6, 2008
Jan 21, 2005
Can someone make me a DVD box art for Nehrim: at Fates Edge, the total Oblivion conversion mod on PC please?

Wallpapers Music, etc. on the site itself

Nehrim Bonus Artwork


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Jun 7, 2009
demosthenes said:
I was thinking of doing a contest for custom covers with the reward like $25-50 to Amazon provided by me.

Games would be agreed upon before but it would be games coming out between a certain time frame. The contest would end in a few months to give time for artwork and such to come out. Creators could put up w/ they felt were their 2 best creations. So you over the course of the next 3 months you could make 8 new covers but at the end you owuld tell me which 2 you want submitted. I would say you shouldn't limit the covers to be created to specific games, all that stuff does is stifle creativity for those who don't care/don't have art for/don't have any interest in said games chosen. It should be any game released from Sept to December IMO. And maximum 2 covers for submissions sound good.

Voting would be done in a separate thread that I would create. Agreed.

Can I get some feedback on this from the custom cover creators? I figure it would end in early December. Voting would be open for a week or so, would finalize time before opening obvoiusly.

What I need:
-Games. Dark Souls, Skyrim, MW3, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, etc. What are the other big releases from Oct - Dec or should I just let any game be entered? As mentioned before, you should allow every game, I can't see a reason why you should limit it.

-Time Frame: Was thinking games released between Mid September / October and November 31. Also mentioned before, should be from Sept 1st to the end of the year IMO

-Submissions: 2 per creator? Sounds good.

-Voting: Point system or one gaf poster gets one vote? Point system, which is better because it allows common opinions, although not top choices, to still receive credit and have a chance at placement. This is why point systems are used. 5pts for #1 choice, 3pts for #2 choice, 1pt for #3 choice, and that's all. Or something of the sort.
My opinions.


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Jun 7, 2009
Gui_PT said:
I don't really like asking for stuff, but since I've seen others doing requests, thought I'd give it a go.

Anyone interested in doing a Halo: CE(yes, I really need a cover for it, it's just sitting in a black box) one or maybe l4d2?
Well the L4D2 cover art is as minimalistic as it gets.

But if you really, really need a Halo: CE cover art, why not find one here and print it? I'd love to make one for Halo:CE but I'd need a minimalist template first.
Aug 28, 2008

This is my first shot at a custom's for Time Crisis Razing Storm - for me the real attraction was Deadstorm Pirates, which is barely even mentioned on the retail box. The little pirate logo comes from a cd by "Alestorm" and one of the ships is from art by Howard Pyle (couldn't figure out who painted the other one).

Anyway, hope somebody appreciates it.
Aug 19, 2010
New Zealand
Where are the GT5 covers? I would have thought there would've been a lot of them(amazing screenshot function ingame)
The only 2 listed on the OP have a different logo. :/

The normal GT5 boxart is pretty badass as it is, can someone possibly make a minimalistic GT5 cover?

on another note. So many good MGS4 covers! don't know which one to choose!
May 17, 2009
Fall 2011 Custom Cover Contest:

Games: Any game may qualify as long as its release date falls between July 1 - November 30.

Submission Dates: Any previous cover and any cover made and POSTED up to November 30th can qualify.

Submissions per GAF poster: You may pick 2 covers to submit. If you pick Bayonetta PS3 that means Bayonetta PS3, not PS3 and 360. You must submit your 2 selections to me by November 30th as I will be making the thread on December 1st or 2nd for the contest. Voting will be open a week from the time the thread opens.

Voting: Each GAF poster (incluing artists) will get 2 votes. First is worth 2 points, second is worth 1 point. You may vote on a cover only once.

Cover A [2]
Cover B [1]

Prizes: Amazon Giftcards!
First place) $40 from me.
Second place) $25 from gdaddygamebot.

In the event that the a poster claims both first and second I will default the 2nd place winner to the 3rd place cover.

I want all covers posted in this thread. So to send your submissions when they're ready, send me a PM with:
1) E-mail address
2) Links to posts containing your selections, please be as specific as possible as to what you're selecting.

Read post #4 of the tread for any updates. I hope there won't be any changes but if there are they will be made there. When the contest thread goes up in early December nothing can change.


Aug 18, 2006
Question to guys using PS CS, do you guys use an e-pen/touchscreen pad or some shit to make things easier? (I don't mean for the covers only but in general)
Aug 3, 2009
Sweet, looks like my catherine cover already qualifies for the contest. I might do one for Uncharted 3, too. I've got it started, so we'll see if I feel like finishing it.

Slayer-33 said:
Question to guys using PS CS, do you guys use an e-pen/touchscreen pad or some shit to make things easier? (I don't mean for the covers only but in general)
Nah, I just use the touchpad thingy on my macbook pro. I have a tablet I can pull out if I really need to get in there and cut something out, but I don't really use that too often. I'm pretty lazy and if I can even remotely do it with the regular touchpad I'll do that.
Jan 23, 2009
This thread is slowing down, where are the new covers? I'm running out of covers to print.

Anyone interested in making Bleach or mini ninjas?


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Sep 3, 2010
These are amazing, thank you to everyone for your work. I'm definitely going to start getting a bunch of these printed up, especially the 360 Bayonetta.
Dec 2, 2010
Thoese Dead Rising covers are awesome as is that SF4

Anyone know if someone has done a N64 high res template for modern cases? I would like to try my hand at some N64 style covers for some of my Wii games. I'd love to do a goldeneye 007 onr with the Japanese box art for starters.

Forgive me If I asked already my memory is terrible.