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CrankyKong said:
Are you guys just using regular printers and paper for these?
As long as your printer isn't a $40 cheapo thing it will print fine. And you need to use photo or brochure paper. Not sure what the best weight for these are, 240gsm seems way too thick.

It's definitely easier to just have them printed for you like MrBig said, but some places might not print them due to copyright concerns.
I went to Staples to print four PS3 covers. I chose the "magazine" paper as it felt like the real thing, but when I got back home and directly compared it to the original, the new cover paper was thicker. So my question is: what is the paper used by Sony for PS3 covers. Is it proprietary? Is there some kind of ISBN-like universal code for types of paper?
iLLmAtlc said:
I use 80lb 2-sided glossy paper, and it's nearly a duplicate of the PS3 covers (the paper I use is a touch thinner, I think).
Same. I print it on the home printer with the best quality and they out pretty similar to the original's quality.
So I decided to make a cover for Xenoblade. Unfortunately, I got carried away, and made 15 (same template with lots of different art). I can't decide which one I'd use - I'm tempted to get a whole bunch of them printed, then rotate them every so often (if I can find somewhere near me that will print them). A few covers have minor character/location spoilers from the first half of the game.

Also, the 3D box script doesn't seem to work for me - I'd appreciate it if someone could 3D-ify them.

All Xenoblade covers (.zip)

Since MediaFire's image embedding is acting up for me (the displayed image sometimes shows up as 'file not found', but the download seems to work), I'll put a short description of each individual cover underneath.

Bionis and Mechonis art, lower half of Frontier Village (Nopons), upper half of Frontier Village (the tree), Mechonis art (upper half of official cover), official cover art with Shulk on the back

Official cover art with Frontier Village on the back, character art with Shulk and Fiora on the back (couldn't find a high-res image, so this one's a little blurry), Eryth Sea, Colony 9, Sword Valley art

Makna Forest, Gaur Plains, Bionis' Shoulder art, Frontier Village with Shulk on the back, Satorl Marsh

So, take your pick.
LegendOfGood said:
Are there any printing guides for these? How do I know what size to print them at to get the correct dimensions?
I'm pretty sure they all have the correct dimensions (or at least most should). Look at the dimensions in a photo editor or through the Windows Photo Viewer.
Anyways, here's the covers I've printed off.

There's probably about 10 in this pile, mostly for my friend.