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Custom wallpaper in upcoming PS4 update apparently


Rebellion has clarified comments about the PS4 receiving custom backgrounds in a future update.

The Zombie Army Trilogy studio said it is "just as in the dark as you are" about future PS4 updates, and was referring to custom console themes for a fan competition.

"When we were putting together our wishlist for ZombieArmy.com we thought custom console themes would be a cool giveaway," read a statement sent to Digital Spy.

"Lo-and-behold PS4 'custom themes' came out but didn't include the ability to add custom backgrounds (which we'd already been working on), so we probably do need to tweak the wording in the website to be a bit clearer.

"At least, if they do announce custom backgrounds we'll be the first dev to have them ready. Your move Sony!"



I thought you could already do that. Hmm

That's awesome!

hopefully we'll be able to pick a theme, then change the background image just as we could on PS3 so we can have different icons and in this case, music.

Edit: bleh.
now lets add some salt to the wound. the PS store has release more themes today and they look just as bad as the current batch.


Konsole Kingz 8-Bit Crown

The KKZ 8-Bit Crown theme pays homage to the early stages of gaming with its nostalgic design. The rotating 8-bit crown also comes with custom icons and an alternating, color changing background depending on the time of day. Download it in the PlayStation Store today.
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