Cute Anime Girls Driving Sales of Windows 8 in Japan

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On October 29, Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said that since its release on Friday, Windows 8 has been selling at a higher rate than Windows 7, the best-selling version of Windows to date.

Despite confusion over alleged magic touch screen-imbuing capabilities, Windows 8 seems to be doing well in Japan as well— so well, in fact, that limited-quantity DSP editions of the operating system, which feature two unofficial Windows 8-themed “moe” mascots, are already beginning to sell out, proving once again that the Japanese will buy anything with a cute anime girl on it (not that there was a lack evidence).

Rather than adding new features to the operating system, DSP, short for Japanese Delivery Service Partner, edition is a Japan-exclusive Windows 8 Pro 64bit launch bundle that comes in two different character versions: Yuu Madobe and Ai Madobe.

Both versions include custom theme pack wallpaper, sounds using the respective character’s “voice,” and a Microsoft Wedge touch mouse.

The bundles are being sold in limited quantities at select electronics stores in major cities across Japan and cost 18,000 yen (about $200 US).

Special regional editions, exclusive to Tokyo’s Akihabara district and Osaka’s Nihonbashi district, are also being sold in even more limited quantities and come with special gold (for Akihabara) or leopard print (for Nihonbashi) packaging, as well as a few bonus goodies featuring Yu and Ai.
So the girls only real purpose is as a static wallpaper (the sort you could get anywhere)
and some sounds? How does this even effect sales?


Wanna hear a good joke? Waste your time helping me! LOL!
Creepy 2D anime women targeted at lonely people drives sales in Japan.

I'm shocked. Seriously.
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