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Cyberpunk 2077 tweet makes light hearted joke about gender spectrum [up: tweet deleted]

CP2077 Twitter account posts meme response to a guy a gamescom.

Tl;dr - Some guy tweets at CP2077 saying 'he wants more guys' while referencing a pic of some people and CP2077 responds with 'Did you just assume their gender?'


A lame eye-rolling joke, sure, but as you can guess, they went ballistic on the other site.

This doesn't deter my interest in the game.
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It will be a shame if this overshadows any announcement CDPR plan to make at gamescom.

(Let me dream)

I also hope they don't apologize, though considering it's 2018....

When little girls are being encouraged to get offended over the term "Lineman working above", people who genuinely use the term CDPR made fun of deserve to be ridiculed.

After all, the same people offended by this are same people who claim you cant be racist towards white people.
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really more faux outrage i see, "OMG a game i wasn't going to buy in the first place , have now made i joke i dont like , they better change it or else " . CDPR need to tell this attention seeking fools to f@@@ off .

Its getting so boring everyday it seems some minor little transgression and the same mongs get offended. Also i hope they show more of Cyberpunk 2077 at gamescom , its my most anticipated game
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I bet that 90% of the people who say they're not buying the game over a single lame joke weren't going to buy it anyway.

That's the outrage culture for ya.


And nothing of value was lost. As always the people that care about this shit don't actually play video games and just want to push an agenda.


Good to see they are not deleting it. I think, based on the BFV presales, you can comfortably presume people are tired of the woke brigade and this little jab, as innocent as it probably was, is going to be some nice advertising for them.


This is not transphobic, title should be changed. This mocks a certain group of people, we all know who, REGARDLESS of their sex. And let's be honest, saying things that offend and make people uncomfortable IS punk.


My goodness. It's a joke... if you find it a good or bad one, that's on you, but this cult of outrage has become so sensitive to anything that it gets nothing short of annoying.


These new youngster ass devs need to learn to be like Nintendo and STFU. We will tell you about the game what we want you to know and that's it.

Nintendo never ever wasted time saying some stupid shit to fans.


I just watched deadpool 2 that movie was full of jokes like this.

Did that movie got the same amount of flak ?

"I am still shaking" 🤣


16 posters out of 19 would have been banned in this thread.
If this was on that other website.

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Good. That gives me some hope that they won't fully bow to the narrative of the left when it comes to their games.
Good to see they are not deleting it. I think, based on the BFV presales, you can comfortably presume people are tired of the woke brigade and this little jab, as innocent as it probably was, is going to be some nice advertising for them.

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Can't say as I blame them, really. Companies competing for your dollar should stay away from this nonsense on either side of the fence.


I've used this joke IRL.

I guess that makes me a bad person.

99% of the outraged will still buy this game. They aren't fooling anyone.


Hahahah, that's hilarious.

Shame they cowered and deleted the tweet. But I get it. No company wants a twitter shitstorm on them. That's just the world today ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It is a shame they reacted because a small minority was offended by this . Now they will get even more flak for it
I don't see it as transphobic.

It's like when someone calls someone a pussy. You can draw a line from there and say "what's wrong with having a vagina? Do you hate women!?", but that's clearly not what they meant.

It's the same thing here. You can choose to interpret it as an insult against trans people, but that's clearly not what they intended.


most does not equal a specified number
The outrage itself is not even that big its more the conversation about it an of course certain messageboards and "journalists" who make it a much bigger deal than it actually is. It is like news media these days they make a outrage out of 5 tweets people being offended by it.


People got to learn to pick their battles. You can't bite at every little thing because eventually it just become noise and starts to drown out the important things. The outrage over the Polish rpg cos it didn't have any black guys in it is a good example of people getting rowdy over petty bullshit. That was like being mad cos there's no white guy on the cover of NBA.

God Enel

Hahaha people raging at a joke. It's so sad that companies bow down to this bullshit. And so sad that the world is losing its humor cause everything today is offensive.

And I always wonder who cares about a fucking tweet from a game company. Then I was at the other side.. good night.

Maybe I am too old for this shit or too stupid. or both.
Ridding the worth of racists and Nazis is serious business, man. No need to put them more on edge.

I just remember the good old days, aka the 2000s, when people, even liberals, yes liberals, had a fucking sense of humor.

And yes, who could have imagined the 2000s would ever be a decade someone could be genuinely, unironically, 100% nostalgic for, oh the 2010s.
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