Cyberpunk 2077 will seemingly feature flying vehicles

Jun 22, 2016
never understood the wank fest Witcher 3 got. A middling RPG with poor combat and adult humour to cover up a thin story.

That being said I like my sci fi, so will look at reviews for this when it comes out, but certainly wont be day one purchase given the studios poor attempts at combat in Witcher series
Gotta totally disagree with you there. There were significant consequences from choices you made as a player, with decent skill customisation and well written dialogue. The main story arc was decent and many side quests were nicely designed. So as an RPG, it was superb.

Combat was fine too. I played on Blood and Bones difficulty and learned very quickly not to make too many mistakes. Combat was intuitive to me and was pretty fun. Or maybe I'm just a dexterous genius. Or a masochist.

The game has won more awards than any other game out there. Maybe it really is good?