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Dark Souls II - March 2014


Just saw it on a banner while driving past the convention center:

good that they are taking their time, i guess. i REALLY want it on ps4 though, if only for a smoother framerate and better IQ... do it From, plz.
If DSII doesn't make it to Next Gen Consoles this might just be the last game of the gen for me, at least officially. Of course there will be other games down the line because I was just LttP


I miss the hub world of Demon's Souls.
Travelling to diferent lands through those Idols and then warping back to the soothing safety of the Nexus was so good. I really prefered that style over the open world labyrinth of Dark.



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The God of War 2 position! I hope it goes cross gen though. Or at least Wii U, lol, so I will have something hooked up.


argh...no backwards compatibility is going to suck. means i'm gonna have to hold onto my last-gen console much longer than last upgrade cycle.
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