Dark Souls III leaked info and screenshots [RUMOR - Better Details Write-Up]

This come from The Know, the same channel of the Silent Hills rumor, though this time they have screenshots and everything.


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For the PC note, since it seems to be people's main doubting point, here's the actual quote:

"First off Dark Souls 3 is coming to PlayStation for and Xbox One in 2016. PC is listed, but it says 'negotiable' next to it."

PC is listed as a release platform, so this would most likely refer to the date, or if it's a retailer focused document, is in reference to how buying the SKU is negotiable given how many retailers no longer sell PC games.

I wouldn't let this effect my assessment of the rumor's veracity.

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Here's a better details write-up by Gematsu:

Gematsu said:
The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. PC is also listed, but is accompanied by the word “negotiable.”
The game will support “1-4 players,” meaning it’s possible you can summon more than one friend or there might be a player-versus-player element.
10 playable classes, all available from the beginning of the game.
45 new enemies, 15 new bosses. Characters and monsters from previous games are not included in that count.
100 new weapons and 40 new armor sets with returning equipment not counted in that number.
60 minutes of cutscenes, mostly in engine, rather than pre-rendered.
There will be around 12 areas in the game.
Will change the way you interact with players online. You’ll now participate in “Sacrifice Ceremonies.” You can drag bodies around, choose where to sacrifice them, perform the ritual, and visit another player’s game. Doing this makes you a target for other players. These will also change your game, such as a sacrifice creating a bonfire at the location you choose to sacrifice the body.
Light sources and enemy layouts have been changed.
BOss battles have a new “Heat Up” factor that “completely change” boss battles based on undescribed factors.
The game will add “Sword Fighting Arts,” which including “Rush In” and “Circle.” The former is a sacrifice attack that allows you to dive into an opponent and take damage while delivering a huge hit, while the latter sounds like a dodge move.

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2015/06/dark-souls-iii-first-details-screenshots-leaked#rTDYqTuPXEOdgFh5.99



neogaffer1 said:

Praise the sun if old.
Wait... are these the P.T. Xbox one exclusive guys?

Edit: Well, I will say it's way harder to tell if this one's fake compared to the Silent Hills "rumor."
The fact that the PC version of both Dark Souls and Dark Souls II sold gangbusters, but PC release is only "negotiable" makes me not believe this rumor.
Ehhhh, kind of hard to take seriously after their last rumor. They better hope this is real or their credibility will forever be in the shitter.
Man, that is some annoying video.

But this looks interesting and detailed enough to be less skeptical than usual, so good for them grabbing the info and getting it out there if legit. I'm not sure if I'm ready for another Souls already, but if it happens I'll get to it eventually.
The fact that the PC version of both Dark Souls and Dark Souls II sold gangbusters, but PC release is only "negotiable" makes me not believe this rumor.
Yeah. Even if the game exists and that is indeed it in the screenshots, there is no way in hell Dark Souls 3 would not appear on PC unless it was full blown exclusive.
Nothing sounds outrageous like the Silent Hills rumour, except the idea that the PC version is dependent on sales. DS has done well on PC hasn't it?

Edit: the PC stuff is their interpertation