Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition |OT| Durante Does In 23 Minutes What From Can't

Good god it took me like 10 minutes to finally sign into my stupid GFWL account on their website. I had to reset my password for some reason, and then they said my phone number wasn't valid in my region. WELL HOW DO PEOPLE CALL ME MICROSOFT? HOW DO PEOPLE CALL ME?
When I tried to log into my GFWL account (also my XBL account) for Iron Brigade it wouldn't let me even though the password was 100% right (I logged into my outlook/hotmail/live/whatever account just fine). I had to reset the password to log in.

That's my little GFWL story for the latest GFWL game I've played.

Also, those screens don't look as bad as I expected them to look. They are blurry and pretty bad but honestly I expected worst. Still won't bye until it's 'fixed' though.
Yeah, I'm negative as hell about this, but:

- judging stability by the cracked versions people are running right now and
- judging performance from a stream

are both not a good idea.
Sorry guys, that was my first run through Dark Souls :p.

Here's some more pics:

Those are both with AF/Supersampling forced through graphics card settings. Game ran smooth at 30fps when stream wasn't on. FPS drops were only occurring when I was streaming/encoding at 1080p while trying to play. First impressions are that it isn't as bad as people made it out to be. Runs well and doesn't look horrible. It's doesn't look great either, but it's playable.
If you are going to paraphrase someone in such a harsh light you better have a quote ready before you start shit.
I agree I made it sound harsh, but seriously this port seems as if it is a half assed effort. Link

"Gamers should give From Software the benefit of the doubt with the upcoming ‘Dark Souls’ PC edition; after all, the developer is only doing this thanks to a fan petition."
I just realized that if they had made the game require Steamworks, no one could have been playing it early barring a literal leak from the developers/Valve or something. :/ For some reason I thought it was Steamworks.

Does the windowed mode support 1024x768?
I don't think it looks that bad because I knew to expect it to look like the console version...and surprise! It does!

Unless you're a PC gamer that refuses to play console games period, you should be able to adapt just fine.
But the problem isn't the graphics though, it's the IQ. When we all wanted a PC port and when it was announced, what I expected to get was precisely the 360 version running at higher resolutions.
I agree I made it sound harsh, but seriously this port seems as if it is a half assed effort. Link

"Gamers should give From Software the benefit of the doubt with the upcoming ‘Dark Souls’ PC edition; after all, the developer is only doing this thanks to a fan petition."
Uh, that's not something From said, just some random guy.
lol, imagine blowing up a picture to 3 times its size and then shrinking it back down 3 times.

It does nothing if the internal buffer is set in stone.
Eh I was thinking it was rendering the game at a higher native resolution then downscaling it back to 1024x720. But thats a pipe dream right now.
You know, the other points are valid, but I wouldn't complain about crashes when I'm playing (or seeing a "friend" play) a cracked version of the game.
True, I'll have to see tomorrow if it's the reason for the unstability.

And as for the motion sickness (I've only got motion sickness before from reading in a car) it could be because I haven't been feeling all that well today and the blurry and flickering picture just increased it.

Still, it isn't looking too good for the game, but I'll still refrain giving final judgement before I've gotten around to try it a bit more.


( ≖‿≖)
2v2 arena is where everything is gonna be at.

TWOP wil be back, Princess Guard Spells, More ring variety, AOE pyromancy. I can't wait to see how to metagame develops.
No it will still be poiseathon WoGing blah blah. What ring variety? Slumbering dragoncrest?

I wonder how much space 4 swinging zweihanders are going to take up.
Good, now change Skyrim uGrid system to not crash with higher values.
Some things are out of modders reach. When time to effort ratio is too high you can say that it is hardcoded.
I've put in at least 80 hrs (probably a bit over 100, Steam counter isn't showing the real amount since it didn't work when you started it with SKSE or from the .exe before one of the patches) on Skyrim with uGrid at 9 without any crashes so far. Neither have I really had any bugs in the game so I guess I've been lucky.

I can look past most of all the problems, but crashes on a game as unforgiving as this one without save states will probably make me quit on it, I dont have that much time to play anymore, cant deal with this ;(
As Durante said, better to wait and see whether that's the case with the non-cracked the game.

The art really is great, even with the abysmal IQ. I still have a strong urge to buy the game but I'll give it a few days in the hopes that things work themselves out.
Yup, I was impressed by all the screenshots I've seen so far, but the art especially comes alive in motion. It's sad the tech really craps on it.
I imagine when/if FROM makes a public statement, they will be humble and apologetic. They were basically begging for forgiveness when they responded to the Blighttown framerate issues.
As someone that has played PC games for about 20 years, yes, this is the worst port ever.

Cant remember having to deal with something like this, ever... maybe some 2D games like VVVVvVVVV or weird Japanese titles, but those werent ports from consoles.
hyperbole much? how about ports that would crash before even starting on PC? or ones with game wrecking bugs?

Man, there is a lot of hate here. Hopefully, once the game is out, people who don't own the game and have no intention of buying it until it is 99cents will leave.
Final fantasy XI had an framebuffer with a max res of 1024x1024 (though this was alterable in the registry, but in 7 or so years SE never patched in higher options).
Holy hell, that's even worse than I had imaged.

Ever? Eh, I don't think so. Hell, Rage didn't even run properly for a lot of people and that game wasn't even a port.
You aren't mentioning RAGE in relation to this are you, please tell me you didn't just do that.