Dark Souls sold 2,367,000 copies, 360 version of DSII will get Japanese release



More than 2.36 million sales of the previous game! A new theme is "To the other side of death"

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Eiichi Nakajima, executive director of From Software on stage. Been described worldwide sales of "DARK SOULS" previous work.

Version only PS3, "DARK SOULS" abroad in Japan 360 Xbox version and the PS3 version is to be released. Version 360 version PS3, Xbox, incorporating additional elements about "DARK SOULS with ARTORIAS OF THE ABYSS EDITION" In Japan, PC version and PS3 version, the PC version is abroad was released respectively. The total unit sales of all of these. It's this that has reached 2.36 million in 7000.

Sales of "DARK SOULS" is, (PS3) 375,000 books Japan and overseas (PS3, Xbox 360) this book is a total of 1,300,000 1,675,000. Subsequently, 137,000 books, foreign (360, PC PS3, Xbox) to sell a total of 692,000 of the 555,000 books, including the additional content "DARK SOULS with Artorias of the Abyss edition" is (PS3, PC) 2,367,000 Accumulated Japan it is that the book has sold.
And, in addition to the PC platform and support the anxious PS3, launched 360 Xbox version was released in Japan (360 Xbox version of the previous game is not yet released in Japan).
What's with the word "book" in that second quote? A term I don't know?

Good news, regardless.
In japanese when you count things you have 'counters' associated with them which denotes what type of object you are counting. In this case, the counter is also the symbol for book. Basically just a translation 'error'.
that way more than i expected, i mean i knew it was something of a breakout hit but not a multi-million seller. genuinely heartwarming to see how it took off.
That seems like a really good number for both From Software and Namco Bandai. There's a very good reason that we're seeing Dark Souls II sooner rather than later!
Its definitely a flop for Square Enix.
I think CoD's sales figure would just "mildly please" Square Enix lol.

I'm one of the early Demon Soul's importer, and fell in love with it the moment I started playing it, so I'm very glad that the series seems to be successful, since I want more, so much more.
A well deserved success, maybe there is hope for this industry yet.

Also would love to know how this affected demon souls sales since alot of people have been going back to play it.
Amazing, I still remember when I watched a Demon's Souls stream on justin.tv for the first time when it was just released in Japan and everybody was like "holy shit where did this game come from, it looks awesome".
Did they ever say how many Demon's Souls copies they sold? I know they along with Atlus were happy with the sales, but I don't remember hearing a number.

Great for them either way. I hope that they don't chase after the 5M+ sales market later.