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Darksiders II Game Informer Details


Jan 31, 2008
Most recent thread I could find here is some Gameinformer info:

-Play as the horseman Death

-Happens during the same time period as the first game

-Vigil says that the first hub of the 2nd game will have as many dungeons as the entire first game had

-They hope that the story will give the whole context of what is happening and explain the mythology more.

-Death wants to resurrection the human race

-He has a crow that will point out useful items and objects in the environment

-A lot bigger then the first it takes place in the underworld but it isn't like typical Hell its called the Abyss

-They describe the first games stages were all connected by doors and hallway and they are getting rid of that. Instead they compare the Abyss to Rome in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.

-The Abyss can be freely explored at anytime and Deaths horse Despair is there at the beginning of the game and can be used anytime in the Abyss

-Vigil plans to have 4 hub citys that have NPC's that you can interact and trade with.

Deaths Background (maybe spoilers?)

The horsemen are a dead race called Nephilim. Death was responsible for the destruction of his race

Big Spoiler

Death might have a choice to bring back his race instead of humanity

-Death is more agile then War but he cannot block instead only dodges attacks, this also mean that he can wall run and run on tighropes

- Weapon include dual-welding scythes (scythes can also be connected together to make a double blade staff), hammer, and spells(one called Feast of Crows that damages and holds enemies in place)

-Collecting loot is important, Death has 12 different slots for equipping things

-Armor can make you more effective in combat or might protect you against certain elements other loot can add bonus to skills or attributes

-Vigils wants player to customize Death to fit their own play styles.

-New leveling system with skill trees

-Mentions how in the 1st game you acquire the same abilities but in the second you can end up with vastly different versions of Death

-Can acquire sidequest from NPCs but they don't want them all to be fetch or kill quest for example some sidequests can open up new dungeons that have there own theme


An early item is a grappling hook that can be use to swing across gaps, zip to ledges, or latch onto the wall during wall run. It can be used on a giant snake boss to get closer to it, this goes for all enemies(smaller ones you can pull towards you)

Death has a reaper form that can be use to open doors, pick up large objects and to deliver final blows to enemies. You build up a meter to use the form but it doesn't need to be full to be used.

The main area shown in the demo was a giant airship called the Eternal Throne which is one of the city hubs. Also a small picture show a concept art(?) of a forest area


Nov 9, 2007
adding more rpg to the Zelda+GoW formula, different build for Death, 12 slot to modify Death. sounds awesome.


Aug 20, 2008
All of you motherfuckers better buy this game.

I bought Darksiders day one, full price and don't regret a damn thing. In fact, it's the best 'Zelda' game I have played since OoT (that includes Majora's Mask, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess). Vigil already have my money.


Jun 19, 2009
the level design in the first one was lackluster,but it was overall a good game,so i'm really interested in what vigil can do with a sequel


May 19, 2010
Sounding fantastic.

I really liked the original, so this is a no-brainer. Sounds like they're really gearing up the extra content/longevity of this one.


Apr 6, 2011
New York
Sounds like a great game. Expanding the locations and dungeons look like to be the biggest improvement. I want more freedom and exploring as that's what Darksiders is in its essence.