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Dating while being a gamer. Starting over at 40, and how women view men who play video games.

Pumpkin Seeds

Jul 13, 2018
I discovered how true it is that men age better than women when I looked at online dating. There was a lot on there that made me go yikes. I look young for my age as well.

The women divided up into two main categories: Women who had let themselves go and Career Women in good shape but no kids and looking for a sugar daddy despite earning money themselves.

I also found the ones with the loud political profiles are almost always major Harry Potter fans.

After further research, I found that the girls on Christian dating sites are 10x better than the others. I am guessing its due to not having 3 kids and 2 rehabs. Also, no political craziness.


Aug 7, 2019
Your original post is a bunch of bullshit OP. Lawyers and doctors are hot? Lol no. Not going to dive into your other nonsense.

I’m going to guess your online dating attempts failed and here you are complaining. Have fun


Dec 18, 2010
washington d.c.
I found my wife through a dating app.

Maybe you should try a different site that makes better matches? Because if the only "matches" you see are what you describe, that's a problem. There are thousands of women out there who don't care if their partner plays games.

Ignore comments like the one above me. Women obviously aren't objects and you can and will find a suitable partner.

It’s not objectifying women to suggest that perhaps a different approach is going to be better for you. I’m 53 with children, a widely varied group of people I know. Marriage is not a great deal for men. Not a great deal to invite the state in to your life. Family court fails to motivate women to behave amicably, it’s big business. Things to consider no?
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Feb 11, 2015
Osaka Japan
I did had one gf who ask me to stop playing because it was dumb. Lols

all others were ok and mostly love the game story.

but if it was fornite, cod, mmorpg or any of those time consuming games then they all would be pretty mad imo, I would be mad with myself too lol.
I stick on short single player games or at least story based games.

Btw I stop tinder after 1000 match’s, lols. Good old times. My profile even said game developer.
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Winter John

Mar 9, 2014
Sorry, but that may be the worst advice in this thread. As bad as women are on dating sites today, those problems are amplified in women that hang out at bars. Essentially, it's the same caliber of dumpster fire, but with the added possibility of addiction issues.

My advice to OP is to avoid bars at all costs, at least when it comes to looking for a serious relationship.

Lol. What's your advice for the guy? Oh yeah. Sit home and cry about some fat hags rejecting him. I gave the guy the best, most realistic advice he's had so far. Go to a bar, have a few drinks, meet a chick, have a good time. It's what normal guys do.


Feb 7, 2007
Washington, DC
There are a few that are not like this, that seem humble, into the outdoors, nature and not crazy types but those like that are usually super hot, lawyers or doctors and way out of my league, so I don't even bother with them (I fix computers and networks for a living, make under 50k a year, and a study went out that rich women won't date men who make less than them, so why even bother.)

If you're just worried about them being "too hot" or "too rich" unless hot or rich is a turnoff for you, nothing wrong with attempting if they meet everything else. A lot of times "out of my league" is bullshit, maybe there's something that sparks, you never know.


Dec 16, 2018
Gaming is pretty mainstream nowadays as long as your whole live doesn't revolve around it. Dating is a big numbers game you just have to keep trying until you find the right one. :)
Dec 25, 2018
Manchester, England
I tried Bumble once and found nearly all of them to be living it up too much or oversell themselves. This all being within 5 mins of my area.

Sadly never dated a woman but to be honest...I don't really think I am missing out on much given how they are. I am like the Anti-Door Mat to women and could give no shits how attractive they are. I talk to them equally but honestly don't care about them.

Had a school classmate who tried the Cat and Mouse thing on me. Didn't work but asked them if they wanted to hang out in college and just got a straight No answer. No worries as I wasn't doing it out of interest but because I was hoping you matured by that point. Ah well. (They ended up dating a tool of s person and realised years down the line)

Sounds like women just get worse as they get older because they were "Played" by the Bad boys. The Pump n Dumps are just as worse as the women in morality which is likely why most women are super picky these days because of it.

Would suggest the OP to just live his life until he meets someone.
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Apr 29, 2013
Same story minus the whole “i miss the touch of a woman”.
After my divorce i could see clear as day what made me happy and focused on being happy. I have more friends today, love being single where as before i was terrified, i get more done, i got out of debt, buy everything with cash, stopped trying to keep up with jones and got off the social media poison.
For me being married just turned out to be a waste of time and a reduction in my freedom and happiness.
Guys make needless sacrifice for pussy.
I had a co worker that complained about his wife everyday, put up with her cheating and abuse for 20 years. Told him to bail... “no i cant do that”. In 2018 at the age of 48 dude punched out from work, told us he will see us tomorrow, drove home and had a massive heart attack in his driveway, dead on the spot. Don't waste your life around people that make you miserable.
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Jun 16, 2015
Well, the government says we aren't allowed to meet people in person anymore, unless we have hazmat suits and stay 30 yards from each other at all times. And people are completely terrified of interacting with other people right now, because they might catch the flu.


The struggle of today’s man.

Can’t wait until coronavirus is over.