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Dave Chappelle: Sticks and Stones | Out Now on Netflix


Jun 13, 2018
Hahahaha that is incredible. Who are these guys?
I don't know, I've only heard of them recently but they've got some quality articles

Ponda Baba, a thug and regular hangout at Wuher's bar, says he won't even set foot in Portland. "I got my arm cut off here in Mos Eisley, but it's not like people were throwing bricks at me for my political affiliation. We have standards. And to be honest, I was kinda being a real jerk at the time. I mostly deserved it."
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Sep 4, 2018
Guys Dave is white now

Zero grey in these people's world. Also, lol @ "black people love him because we tend to love anyone black and wealthy", the white version of that comment is frighteningly unwoke.
Lol who wrote this article? Would be funny but not unexpected if it is a white person.

On second thought it’s probably a blue check. You can gain a lot of clout by throwing your own race under the bus. Ironic how these people believe in a system of white supremacy yet cannot see they are being useful idiots to that very system.
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Jun 18, 2018
Hahahaha that is incredible. Who are these guys?
The Babylon Bee.
One of the funniest satire websites ever.
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Apr 23, 2018
If slavery didn't cause racism, and Jim Crow laws didn't cause racism [since clearly racism must predate racist actions and policy] how would ending these policies possibly end racism?

As for after effects, it would seem to me that current day policy has far more impact on black [and other poor, but we are talking black] communities than aftershocks from generations prior.

Plenty of other cultures have been looked down upon, and even stepped upon, in American history [note: I do not say this as a slight on America, this is an unavoidable facet of human history and I think America did excellent, overall]. Japanese faced some ridiculous racism and, of course, internment camps. Irish were trafficked as indentured servants, faced 'no irish' signs, etc. Chinese and the transcontinental railroad. Ethnic Jews. Native Americans. Etc.

I would argue the two cultures most deeply affected today are the black community and the Native American communities, not because of what their ancestors went through, but because of policies that were enacted to 'help' them that effectively destroyed their communities and undermines them - in the case of black communities, fatherlessness and resultant crime and drugs.

Japanese, for example, are quite clearly visibly Japanese. They faced their share of racism. Yet they are doing better today than white people are in America today. Which is great, and smart communities and families should look to them [among others], for things to emulate, like family cohesion.

But my point is this: black communities aren't feeling the aftershocks of slavery so much as they are feeling the present day shock of economic policies, like welfare, that tore them apart long after racism ended and continues to tear them apart today. Unlike the many other communities I listed above, they were treated like they needed govt help to get by, when the others [sans Native Americans] were expected to figure it out. And it is these policies that keep many black communities blighted. Not aftershocks of slavery. The leftist policies put in place to 'help' communities actually keep them down.

People with talent are celebrated in America. Black, white, asian, mixed... it doesn't matter. Whether successful at business, music, sports, even some silly skit on America's got Talent, we don't care, we love to see people succeed.

The idea that aftershocks of slavery are holding them down is a curse upon a race, it's telling them no matter what they do, they wear invisible chains. That's bullshit. No, they don't. The sky is the limit in this country regardless of race.
I appreciate this... I disagree on some of it (policies) but largely agree on everything else.