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David Cage: "The Dark Sorcerer is the minimum quality you can get on the PS4"

At this year's E3, Quantic Dream impressed us all with its PS4 tech demo for The Dark Sorcerer. "This is basically Beyond's engine, and we were so excited with what we could achieve," says Cage. "Some people were really impressed with the Dark Sorcerer but this is just the beginning, it's the minimum quality you can get on the console.

"It was done with a very small team, a very small amount of time and small resources. Now we have a full team and we hope to make something really impressive."
Via TechRadar


All of Quantic Dream's games looked better than the tech demos so there's no reason to not believe them. They even proved that the demo was in real time by moving the camera around.


Get the writing sorted David, the tech means nothing without a good story

Indeed, his writing isn't always terrible or even bad, it's good sometimes, he just needs to pay a lot more attention to it if his games are going to based on the writing.

No one really gets a pass as far as writing in this industry though. So many bad writers.


I've been playing Beyond slowly just savoring it and it's really blowing me away. I will purchase whatever their next game is on day one.


So if someone ports The Impossible Game to the PS4 it will look better than The Dark Sorcerer?

Sorry, just had to take advantage of his poor wording.


I'd be in the dick
Considering the demo was a quick port over of the Beyond pipeline, was running on old devkits, and hit 90fps at times (when unlocked, trailer was locked at 30) I can easily believe it.


Now we just need a video game to put in there.



Get the writing sorted David, the tech means nothing without a good story

Can't say I totally agree or disagree with you but you'll be happy to know that they've been hiring a full writing team since beyond was in late development, presumably for their PS4 offering(s)


love on your sleeve
I kind of wish Beyond was a PS4 game with Dark Sorcerer level visuals. Can't wait to see what they do with that hardware.
Not entirely relevant to the graphics-angle I guess, but I'd like to see Cage try out doing a story-driven comedy game like the sorcerer demo was. Would probably also instantly distance itself a bit from his previous work from a critical point of view.



And yeah, David's probably right. I think GAF is massively underestimating what these consoles will be capable of a few years from now.

I can't even comprehend how the last of us and beyond are PS3 games.

Stuff close to photorealism seem increasingly possible on PS4.
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