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DC Extended Universe |OT2| A League of xX-=DaMaGeD=-Xx Gentlemen

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Todays teasers were weaker than yesterdays, although I did watch them without sound. I wss hoping Cyborg's one would impress me but nope. Cyborg was a mistake.
ugh. WTF is up with that silver bat symbol?

and cyborg looks like some ps1 tekken level polygon type shit

i'm still cautiously optimistic about this movie. i'm hoping it will have a very watchmen-esque visual style. even more so than BvS (and certainly more than man of steel, which, at some points, was some ridley scott gladiator level shaky cam nonsense, but still good, don't kill me DCEU-GAF).

but man are some of those outfits terrible, like, batman's BvS costume was fucking PERFECT, it was a little bit of flare and style, and a lot of comic book psuedo spandex. same with superman. just....continue that frickin trend and make flash's costume basically a psuedo spandex comic book type outfit. it's a no-brainer.

on another note, aquaman looks great. that's one area where straying away from comic material is worth it



Here you go. And here's a link to a 4K version, too: http://i.imgur.com/tNJENB0.jpg

And while I'm at it, here's higher resolution versions of the posters than what were previously posted. Cyborg's is lower resolution than the others, but still higher than what was posted before.
I was hoping the JL symbol would grow on me. Nope, quite the opposite. 😕

Other than that, I do like these posters
Yes. Followed by an hour long discussion by the panel "Cyborg: Should he even exist? And can a PG kids movie have a man with a dildo weapon in it?"


I hope some of the big set pieces take place in the day..I'm not a fan of what I'm seeing of the setting. Everything looks like the Doomsday fight. Night, abandoned warehouses, etc


I really hope Dyson doesn't die again. I feel like that guy is always getting killed in everything he comes out in.

So, guys, are the leaks true?


Damn, that looks amazing. I have no words at how great it looks, and how not one thing superman, so happy they are hiding him(hopefully)till the last possible moment.


hope Cyborg's CGI isn't even near to finished

rest looks cool, besides the visual tint, which I absolute dislike in many modern movies


That was great! Love how this looks. Locations look good. Some expected story beats like Barry visiting his dad in jail. Only a hint of Lois though. They're really holding back on anything Superman related aren't they. Going to watch several more times. Have settled for watching on my phone. Can't wait to get him to load this up on the TV.

Not even going to bother with the OT for this. That was great and I have no fucking time for people trying to think they're clever, etc.
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