Dead or Alive 5: Plus announced for PSVita

I think I have a magic touch. Before last TGS, I asked for the following games:


And now we have them all. Any other ports you guys want?
The news is good but the video sucks ass, seems like one of those late '90/early '00 fansubs... yellow text, grammar errors and all stretched up.
With as good as DOA5 looks on consoles I doubt they'll be able to maintain any semblance of visual parity. It'll have gimped models like Mortal Kombat or run at a sub-native resolution or both.
FINALLY the evidence! lol been looking for a source since i couldn't find one.

Anywho YAY!

Now Tekken...just Tekken is left. Then it would be perfect. The fighting game library on the vita is truly impressive