Dead Space Extraction coming to PSN/XBLA

Electronic Arts Montreal is not proud to inofficially announce - and thus confirm rumours - that they are currently working on a port of Wii rail shooter "Dead Space Extraction". Work started in February 2010, a release should happen at the end of the year.

Here are the old rumours:
According to a recent consumer survey, Electronic Arts is considering bringing Dead Space Extraction from the Wii to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network platforms. According to the survey, Extraction would be presented in HD and retail for $14.99 while retaining the "guided first-person experience" of the original game.
PalaceBrother said:
Seems reasonable.

Did I see a character playing this game in season 2 of True Blood?

The old lady.

Also, I love how this is basically EA acknowledging that they overcharged for this game on the Wii.
This strikes me as being almost as dumb a decision as it was to make a Dead Space game on the Wii that was an on-rails shooter in the first place.


erotic butter maelstrom
God I hate Kevin Butler...

Anyways, this is good news since I've been wanting to play Extraction (Dead Space <3) but I feeling that it'll just use the standard controllers/analogue sticks which won't be as fun as a lightgun.
So core games fail on the Wii huh EA? That must be why you had to drop the price $35 to get the hardcorez to possibly be interested in it :lol

Where is N'gai, he should pat himself on the back for calling this years ago (Wii games being ported over the HD side)
PalaceBrother said:
Seems reasonable.

Did I see a character playing this game in season 2 of True Blood?
Yeah Hoyt's mother. :lol *edit* beaten by AceBandage. :)

Was always interested in playing this game but I don't own a Wii. But I love Dead Space so I'll be willing to give this a try. Would be awesome if it had Move support.
I'm going to make a prediction.

Make a rail shooter on the Wii, try to sell it for full price, watch it bomb = talk about how the Wii audience doesn't want core games.

Take said rail shooter, port it to the other systems, sell it for a fraction of the price placed on the Wii version, it sells well = Lol see, the audience just wasn't there guys!

I would have bought it on my Wii for $15. :|
Yeah, I tend to lurk the game deals sites pretty regularly and I haven't seen the Wii version for under $15. I would have totally picked it up for the wife and me. I've been itching for a good 'light gun' style game.