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Death Stranding Director's Cut - PS5 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay


Forgot this was coming out today. But checked it out for 2 hours. Here's some info:

- PS5 version install size is 69.26 GB as of version 1.002
- This edition comes with a bonus content app, that is 1.71 GB.
- Bonus content is a mini soundtrack and special artwork for the game. All Digital.
- The game has two modes High Quality & High performance
- PR confirmed that High Quality targets 4K 60FPS. I noticed a couple very minor drops, but it was fine. I usually prefer Performance but stuck with High Quality as it was good.
- No confirmation on resolution for High performance, but it's locked to 60FPS. I'm guessing 1440p. Don't quote me on this.
- In game HDR settings to tweak the luminosity
- 3D Audio is simply superb. The screeches of the BTs and the audio effects shine here.
- Dualsense support with haptics. Depending on the weapon or how much cargo you hold and carry the triggers get harder to press on. Neat. Same with walking on different terrain which adds cool vibrations throughout.
- BB Cries can be heard on the controller but I disabled that.
- Sam can now climb faster, move faster, and perform faster in combat. New gloves can be used to fight in melee, and he can even use drop kicks lmao.
- A boat load of DLC can be used and fabricated early on. Breaking the flow of the game.
- There's a new firing range option to test guns
- New car and race tracks you can build to race in, and new structures to craft in the world.
- You can replay boss battles
- Shit ton of new cosmetics and stuff
- A new buddy bot that helps with delivering stuff to make it easier on the player.

That's about it. I still think to be a amazon delivery simulator with amazing graphics. Story is interesting, and the sneaking and boss fights are cool. Not too into the walking around and delivering stuff still. haha. Enjoy!

PS5 4K HDR 60FPS Gameplay:

Bonus Content Showcase (Mini Soundtrack & Art):

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