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Death to Spies 3 Indiegogo Campaign [80K Goal]


I thought this will benefit its own thread. I believe it's a pretty modest and manageable goal.

Why we need your help

In the end of 2011 our previous publisher droped the project and the team behind it. This had nothing to do with the game, but the strategy of our publisher and the market needs

What We Need & What We Got

As for now we have playable version of 50% of the game, but much remains to be done. We have graphical content for all locations in the game, but still missing some details here & there. We need funds for creating animations, sound & voice recording, building gameplay for missing locations, cinematics, testing & cleaning/polishing. In terms of time we estimate to complete the game with full funding from 10 to 12 months. We need at least 5 people from our team to be on staff for this project. We also need few sub-contractors to complete the job on animations, sound and cinematics.

Budget & Goals

Here’s the breakdown of overall budget to complete the game:

$108,000 - Staff Salaries, this includes 5 people for 12 months
$20,000 - Cinematics contracting
$20,000 - Animation contracting
$10,000 - Sound and voice recording
$5,000 - Music contracting
$4,000 - Manufacturing and shipping physical rewards
$12,000 - IndieGoGo and taxes fees

Because of the amount of money & time need to complete the project, we decided to split the game on two milestones. If we manage to raise the first amount we will release the game with the first five locations. This will be the complete functional & playable game, just the part of it (6-8 hours of playable time). After that, we will try to raise second part to release the last five locations.
So, our first goal is $80,000 to keep development on go. If we manage to raise this amount we are planning to release the first part of the game after 6 months of receiving funds from IndieGoGo. We setup this campaign as 60 days Fixed Funding Type. It means that if we don’t meet our goal, all contributions will be refunded, since we can’t continue development of the game without the full amount.

The second goal is +$99,000. This will allow us to complete the full game as we planned in the begining.

The campaign has been running for 5 days and so far 320$ were raised.
Other than the weird sexism in that video, this looks cool. I played the previous Death to Spies games, really janky but served as nice stealth ventures.


1C published the 2 previous games I think. I'd like to know what are these "market needs" 1C was thinking about when deciding to not follow on this franchise.

Game is interesting. I gave a try to the last one in the serie and it was ok for a niche stealth PC game with low budget. Hope they achieve their goal here.


I liked the previous games, but man, they'll have no chance :( Almost nobody even knows the dev / the previous games, and it's neither a nostalgia pandering retro project or a block building game. I don't see a chance.


The previous games were decent low-budget Hitman clones in WW2.

For this to make it they'll need to have some sites pimping it though, maybe if they can send a playable build to some of the youtube celebrities.
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