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Dec 20 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker or The Mandalorian?

Which Star Wars is for you?

  • "They Fly Now!"

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • The Baby Yoda show

    Votes: 9 81.8%
  • Neither, The Witcher is coming out that day

    Votes: 1 9.1%

  • Total voters


It seems surreal, but this December 20th we'll have two Star Wars related media coming out on the same day.

There's of course, The Rise of Skywalker. The final part of Disney's sequel trilogy. Directed by JJ Abrams who previously directed the trilogy's first entry The Force Awakens in 2015.

On the same day however, is the airing of the 7th episode of the Star Wars spinoff series The Mandalorian on the Disney+ streaming service. The show has proven very popular among all fans of the franchise for it's simple storytelling, exciting action and of course, the cute little green guy who's become the unofficial mascot of the series.

It's so amazing! So much Star Wars content to consume in one day! Don't just stand there! Vote on the poll today and give Disney your money! Take out your hard earned cash and consume whatever Papa Mickey gives you! Just consume! Consume Consume Consume!

*AHEM* Seriously though, it's hard to believe but I'm more hyped to watch the next Mando epsiode than to watch ROS on the big screen. But what do you say GAF? Which Star Wars are you more hyped for?

Oh, and if you don't give a shit, I added a third option.


The Mandalorian by a moonlight mile.

I was offered free tickets to see it Wednesday but declined them as I'm already going with my girlfriend on Friday. I don't want to have see it twice. It might be good, if it is it will be a first for JJ Abrams. From what little I've read he's thrown everything in there in a mad grab for Star Wars fans, no doubt undermining what came before.

Desperation isn't an attractive trait.


Is there a reason for ep7 of Mando being released early?

So that you give Jumanji a chance in the cinema on the 19/20 of December and don’t stay at home to watch Mandalorian instead.

Even though that’s exactly what i’ll be doing a Mandalorian marathon, i’ll catch Jumanji on VOD
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