Deformers is £23 on Steam, £30 on XBO & £35 on PS4 UK ($30 in US)

The £23 on steam includes taxes, it's weird is different by so much on each platform in the U.K.

$30 is around £23.40 at the mo. It's crazy the price for the type of game it is,
Holy crap that's crazy.

Thought this would be like a £15 game too, but £35? Who's going to invest that in this when for a little more a full priced retail title can be had.
And the fact it's an online focused game with in game purchases and unlocking credits it's been confusing me for weeks.

I might have sprung at a price similar to rocket leagues but thats half of this.

If anything though I'd be furious as a platform holder that the audience on the platform are having to pay more.

The non US prices shouldn't be some wild west where they just pluck something out of the air and see what works on each platform.
As it seemed in the same vain as Rocket League. Downloadable, multiplayer focused game, with in game purchases.

My main point tho is the variation in prices across platforms, as GameStop haven't really a presence in the UK it seems like they left this to their intern.

I feel sorry for RAD.
Oh damn that's more than I expected considering Gamestop is giving away codes for free. RaD are super talented IMO so I'm hoping for the best from this one!
Well I was looking forward to this game after seeing the GameStop thread but at £35 (US $45) that's a big no until a sale at least!

Is there any reason for this unfair price disparity?
ouch that price difference :O wonder why it's so different

the price seems pretty steep for this kind of game, based on what I played of the beta that is.

I really want RAD to succeed though :(
Wait, this isn't a free game?

Then why did GameStop give away free codes?
Internal error. They weren't meant for the public AFAIK.

Developer was posting on here yesterday regarding it. I don't think they were too happy but what can they do except hope those people enjoy the game (seemed like everyone was) and get some good word of mouth and the increased exposure/sales which stem from that?
Wait, this isn't a free game?

Then why did GameStop give away free codes?
Hoping to get good word of mouth, just like rocket league. Also, since there seems to be very little marketing, you want people to see a sprawling mp community and not going "well there don't seem to be a lot of people playing it, better hold of"

NVM seemed to be an error.

Also, holy cow, €40?