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Democrats are concerned over Sanders "He needs to stop".


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Sep 4, 2018
So is this mis reported news story still a thing? CNN really needs those viewers.

so we have a vaguely worded statement related by four anonymous staffers reported in various ways across several newspapers, and we are demanding Bernie make a statement against whatever this vague ill defined thing he said was. keep in mind the NYTimes reported on this same meeting when it happened and stated something different from what we are hearing. so it’s all a half baked story a bunch of media outlets are trying to ride for a few days

I don’t know how people are actually buying this shit. Africaking do u have a Era style hate boner for Bernie or something?
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May 4, 2005
You want to bet on whether the far left will accept and fall in line behind Biden or Warren if either of these two gets the nomination?
You seem to be confident they will happily follow and back the moderate nominee. I bet that you are wrong and they will not.
What should we bet ? Avatar control for one quarter?
What constitutes backing the moderate nominee? I will not say that not a single Democratic voter would be continuing to complain, but my claim is that all big-name Democrats will support the candidate, whoever it is. If this is fine by you, we can do the avatar bet (I will not take an avatar that directly attacks people or is illegal here, so no swastika, no "fuck all black people", but e.g. Trump would be OK).

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Nov 12, 2016
When Trump ran for the first time, the Republicans were not uniting behind him before he got the nomination at all. Now that he is president, of course the party unites behind him in his second election, only under extreme circumstances would a party drop an active president. I am pretty sure the Democrats will align behind their candidate when he is set, as well.
You're right about Trump's first run. It was all over the place in support.

However, they are still trying to tote how divisive he is. Aka, if it's not our wishes, it's evil. The Republican party is now his. Somehow, I don't believe that the Biden or Sanders people would fall behind the other guy in the same way.