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Denis Dyack is really, really excited about the NX (SMD64/Trev Podcast)

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Yesterday on July 4, 2016, SuperMetaldave64/Trevelyan9999 posted on YouTube the Nintendo NX Podcast #7 featuring Denis Dyack. In the podcast they discuss various topics including Eternal Darkness, Shadows of the Eternal, Nintendo in general and of course NX (especially on power). At 37:57 in the video, Denis proclaims his excitement for the new machine:

Am I really, really excited about the NX? I think so, I think probably more than ever, on any other previous console generation. I remember Mr. Iwata saying some things on how exc.., just seeing how excited he was on talking about the future. I know these guys, and I feel really good about what's coming. So, and I think those that are concerned and worried, don't.
Source: https://youtu.be/krnl6LR7paA

Denis, like Trev/SMD, does not seem worried about the power of NX. The podcast is over an hour long and features interesting comments on NX, both from Denis and Trev.

I searched but found no prior thread about this.


Huh, I thought he pulled a Phil Fish.

Host: "The last 10 years does not represent an entire company's existence". I like the idea of, when looking at Nintendo's next project, immediately throwing out the last 10 years as any sort of context. As if the Wii / Wii U had been a bigger success, he'd be naysaying the idea that the NX was in a good spot.


Somebody is excited by the prospect of the NX, quick, post a thread!

I'm excited by the prospect of the NX, can I get my own thread?


Nintendo really needs to reveal the thing.

the frothing and handwringing and prognosticating amongst the faithful has reached Ludicrious Speed.

picking up the tiniest of scraps and holding them aloft as if they were found gold. get ahold of yourselves goddammit!


I mean I get the hype for the NX is insatiable but Im really starting to hate these non-news threads.

Literally nothing is gained from knowing this. It doesn't sound like he knows a thing about it other than he got really excited when Iwata spoke.



So if DD doesn't know anything about it other than what is generally available...this is literally one man's opinion. One man who really wants to make Shadow Of The Eternals, but presumably needs some backing after kickstarting fizzled and was presumably dead in the water since 2013.

If you needed a publisher or were looking to get a product picked up... you would probably be pretty critical of things and not just gush everywhere. Especially of the company that basically was your launch pad to the game's spiritual predecessor and owns the IP and a patent on the sanity meter ( per Wiki)

So DD doesn't know more than most about it and needs/wants funding from Nintendo(or anyone I guess)... seems legit. Fair and balanced.



Ehh, I don't know about this one. Don't feel like he's in a position anymore where his opinion has a lot of value. Most likely he's excited no matter what.


Sorry, but this thread really has zero information. Dyack has pretty much no industry relevance, is not actively developing games anymore and hasn't created anything since 2011. He has no knowledge about the system nor does he indicate any news about the system in the podcast (based on what I read in the OP of this thread). But well, he is excited, good to know.
Nintendo should give the ED property to Next Level Games. Hilarity would ensue. Ensue.

In fact, ED2 should have been a 3DS game. Imagine the amount of sanity fuckery you could do with the 3D effect. And being a 3DS game, it wouldn't have been much of a loss if it tanked - like the first game.


The darkest timeline.

The art for ED2 did look great though.

Library of Alexandria

Euclid's Lab

Oak Grove

But Nintendo did not want to fund it, nor did anyone else when it was renamed to Shadows of the Eternals.

Nintendo should give the ED property to Next Level Games. Hilarity would ensue. Ensue.

That would be a literal HORROR game. Alexandra Roivas would probably look like this then:
In b4 DD hatetrain.


Denis Dyack is a loud-mouth, self-obsessed idiot who will latch onto anything that would put his name out there, talking about the NX very much falls in line with that. This thread provides no new info, just more speculation while giving him exactly what he wants and nothing more.

This coming from someone who adores Eternal Darkness and thought Silicon Knights could've done amazing things.

L Thammy

That would be a literal HORROR game. Alexandra Roivas would probably look like this then:

Is this just Metroid bitterness? I don't think Next Level Games has ever done a moe-style game, have they? Meanwhile, they've done a number of games with realistic art styles.
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