Destiny 2 unveil event will have PC and PS4 versions, allow lots of YouTuber gameplay

Or, quick summary:
- It starts at 10 AM on May 18th.
- YouTubers can capture gameplay footage all the way from the end of the keynote (which is apparently quite long) until 6 PM, so they will have a lot of gameplay footage to show.
- Both the PC version and an unspecified console version (pro-tip: it's the PS4) will be available for recording. [Edit: Bungie has confirmed the console version is the PS4 version.]
- Skill-Up isn't an especially large YouTuber, so expect pretty much anyone you follow to be at this event to show you footage assuming they stream something like Destiny or are otherwise sufficiently popular.


I wanted to share a few details about the upcoming gameplay reveal scheduled for the 18th of May. I've been lucky enough to have been invited to it, so thought I'd share what I've been told. I'll put it here in text, but have also made a video to summarise if that's your poison.

Invitees: this isn't just Deej + 2 or 3 community members. Instead, a VERY large number of community members have been invited to this event, as well as notable youtube/twitch personalities outside of the community. I don't know the exact number, but it's certainly more than a handful.

Date: 18th May

Times: Keynote begins at 10am (live-stream most likely to start then)

Hands on: all invitees will have the chance to go hands on with Destiny 2 from the conclusion of the keynote livestream until the event finishes in the evening, which is around 6pm I believe. We'll be going hands-on with both the console version (unclear which console) and the PC version. CAPTURE IS PERMITTED
, and I have not been informed of any capture restrictions yet, but there will likely be a few of them since it's pretty common at these sort of events.

Embargo details: at this point, no embargo details have been communicated, but I expect there to be a 2-3 day embargo period on captured footage to give everyone an equal chance of cutting it etc. You can expect to see plenty of content hitting YouTube on the 20/21st. Please note that this is me speculating based on prior experience, as no information has been provided yet.

That is all I know. I hope it's useful to you. All the best :)

Skill Up
god it feels so good that I built a PC and am so fucking ready for it!!!!!

Can't believe I'm going to be playing with my old gaming community buddies from SWTOR as well.....seems like this game is bringing everyone back to their desktops!

What does this mean though? People gonna haul their stream setups to CA to capture the event?
They get to capture a ton of footage and then later show it on YouTube or show pre-recorded videos on Twitch if they want.

They get to capture around 5-6 hours, though presumably some parts won't be allowed to be shown (think story spoilers).

What does this mean though? People gonna haul their stream setups to CA to capture the event?

A surface Pro and an Elgato is perfectly fine. Usuaully then they just do commentary over the video while they play what they experienced with some minor editing at the hotel or when they get back. They usually don't do live commentary at these types of events. It would take normally a little long to setup. But its not hard with any Elgato or portable recording device and a simple laptop/tablet.
Often times they're provided with capture equipment by the publisher for the event so they can post videos quickly and easily.
I mean, Activision bothered to fly this guy in to their headquarters to personally invite him to the event, and he's a pretty small time YouTube channel, so I assume there's no limits to what they're spending on setting up this event.
Unspecified console version could mean it's the scorpio version couldn't it?
I doubt that, they haven't been showing the scopio version of Shadow of War and that's a game Microsoft is marketing.
Everything so far has been running on a regular Xbox One as far as I can tell.
Chances of cross play? I know PS4 will have the largest population but i really want to play this on PC
I'm not counting on it. I can understand why but I'd love to be able to access my character cross platform. Create a bungie account and be able to login to it on console or PC, and then just play with people on that platform.

I'm gonna end up playing 2 accounts ugh.
Wow they seem really confident so now i'm really confident and ready to spend all my money as well as my time. This falls on my day off so i'll be ready for the keynote.
YouTubers are seriously eating traditional games media's lunch.
Yeah, and they must be so much easier to deal with as well. I've seen a few of them in social media defending stupid decisions made by Bungie, something traditional games media wouldn't do. It's probably very cheap advertisement.
I wonder how safe it's going to play compared to the original. Are we getting another MMO lite or a full on open world MMO FPS? The latter would be insane for console players. Honestly though, they could just do Destiny 1 reskin with 60fps and separate PVE and PVP balancing and I'd still buy it.