Destiny pre-order materials leak [Up3: Box Art/Info, 360/PS3, Retailer Says Oct 6]

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I knew they will use "from the creators of Halo"

Cool concept art. That what prothean should've looked like in H4.

Competitive mode confirmed! HALO had a good run.
Hmm preorder's already. Will be interesting to see how that works out since the nextbox isn't officially announced yet (assuming this will still be a next gen game as well).


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Man, they're really banking on people not knowing what a publisher actually does.
There is a lot of delicious detail in that half-covered poster.\

....Traveler. It sparked a Golden Age....

...something hit us, knocked us down...

...defend the City....

...defeat powerful foes and earn unique.... [This sounds MMO or RPG/Sish, though could imply a basic progression system, I guess]

"From the creators of Halo and the publisher of Call of Duty"
What's wrong with that?
I think it's a weird thing to advertise with. Publishers don't have much effect on a game, so why would a specific publisher be a selling point? Or are they banking on the general audience not knowing the difference between developers and publishers?

I wasn't trying to rip on CoD or anything, I guess I made it look like that.
Listing a publisher does say something about the project, publishers dictate terms, and secure promotion and first party relationships. To say it's from the publishers of Call of Duty says quite a lot about how the franchise will be positioned and supported.
Are they?

That card is surprisingly absent of platforms.
How can they not?

"Would you like to preorder Destiny, the new game from the makers of Halo?"
"What's it on?"
"No idea."
"No, then."
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