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Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed - Alpha Demo Gameplay (PC)


Jun 1, 2019
Hey guys, as soon as the game was announced last week, I tried tracking PR for THQ. They sent me the Alpha demo streamers were streaming on Twitch last week. Here's some gameplay of it.

- This is alpha gameplay. Lots of things need work, but the game ran fine and was stable for the most part. It did load a lot when trying to start the demo.
- The demo ran on a 20 min timer. Once 20 mins up you have to restart.
- Cutscenes counted on the timer. So I replayed the demo 3 times, and subsequent runs I just skipped the cutscenes so I could have enough time to complete the full demo sequence which ends with the ship.
- You get access to 3 guns in the demo, psychokinesis (picking up and moving objects), reading minds, swapping bodies, and the UFO ship to fly around and shoot things.
- the guns are an electric gun, A gun that makes objects and people jump around and get damaged, and finally a gun that makes people dance and fall in a trance. Useful to use and swap bodies.
- Being an alpha, I did notice some mini fps drops, stutters, and pop ins, but overall for an alpha build I was super happy with it.
- It's basically more of the first remake which was a fun game, so I ain't complaining.
- No word on when the demo will be available for public.
- Meteor showers that can hurt enemies and buildings in the map. Buildings get fully destroyed as well.

That's pretty much it, I can answer some questions if you guys have any.

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Jul 26, 2020
it's a low budget remake, not really interesting.

I wish they made a proper remake or a new game.


Apr 17, 2015
Can you blow up the buildings while on the ground now? Or still just when you are in the saucer?