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Destroy All Humans! - Clone Carnage - PS5 Gameplay


So the game kind of stealth launched today. Checked it out and it's kind of DOA.

- PS4 version is 20.79GB as of version 1.01
- Playing on PS5 through Bacwards Compatibility. Seems like no next gen version
- There is FPS cap of 30 and 60FPS
- this is purely a mp game. no single player content to speak of
- seems like an asset flip from the first remake. Same areas, weapons etc.
- you can play this game in versus or coop against the AI
- there is 2 player local splitscreen multiplayer.
- There are 4 modes. Rampage, Armageddon, Abduction, Race.
- In Rampage you kill as many humans as possible before the timer runs out
- Armageddon is you destroying everything on the saucer
- Abduction is a mode where you abduct human targets that randomly keep changin
- Race is chasing a drone in a race course.

- my experience was rough as no one is playing it. Took me an hour to get into a match. After 3 matches everyone logged off lmao.
- there are some missing sounds, music, assets, etc. Weird bugs, button input drops etc.
- I guess it can be fun but with only 3 matches of the same mode (Rampage) I can't say much.
- I'll try splitscreen and update the thread

PS5 Gameplay:



Weird, I thought maybe this was maybe a standalone release of the online mode of DAH1... but there is no online mode in DAH1. So they just launched a new game a few weeks before launching another new game. Odd.
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