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Destruction Allstars | Review Thread


For a F2P game, it has lots of varied gameplay init. But i still have no idea, what this game is all about. Collecting gems? Wall-jumps? Destruction Derby? Fire pits? Why not simply remake DD1? How hard can it be.

Maybe, but they did try to charge $120 for XBL and other shenanigans in the past 7 years.
Not a F2P game. You need PS+.

So what? This is the F2P version, free on PS+ for everyone. Sounds like you and other people are really trying to manufacture some outrage about this paywall shit. The game is free right now. Too soon for the OMG THEY ARE SO GREEDY!1!
"PS+". Is it that hard to comprehend?


This (full-priced!) game contains single player content locked behind a paywall.

Don't buy this shit.
But the game is not for sale anywhere and no one can buy it?

You, hemo and the others are the biggest trolls. I'm not sure if you guys are serious with this shit or just completely braindead. Anyway I'm done.


Game keeps growing on me. I hope it will get a decent amount of content and QoL updates because its pretty fun with lots of problems, the netcode is one of them. Getting hit by invisible things are not fun


is on perm warning for being a low level troll
I tried it out because it was FREE on PS+ but i hate the graphical style, gameplay was boring and it all felt pointless. Deleted after 20 minutes. Glad I didn't pay a dime for this.
Played for about 30 minutes and probably gonna uninstall. Now I know why we saw so little gameplay before release.

This game is...not good...IMO...to put it mildly.

Also, you gotta maintain 60fps in a game like this. You can really feel the dips.

I dunno...maybe it will grow on me. I expected more exciting combat.


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Kagey K

I hope you all bought a bunch of micro transactions to support the developer.

They can’t just give the game away for free, and expect to survive.

They are just devaluing games now.

How many copies did it actually sell?

/s 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Stick with it. It's decidedly average, but there's enough fun in the minute to minute gameplay to keep you going for a while.

I've nearly got the plat and I wish I hadn't bothered, but I was enjoying it wellenough for a long time.


Why the FUCK is the career / challenge mode locked behind a paywall? How in hell is this acceptable even for a Plus game? You don't lock actual content like that (skins / emotes - I don't care), especially when there's no way of earning premium currency in other ways (as far I can tell).
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I've played a bit more and the game's characters are very unbalanced. I've had 10 wins so far (in multiplayer) and all 10 with Bluefang, his car's breaker is super op. I managed to get close to winning with a few other characters, but if I pick someone like Sgt. Rescue I struggle to even reach top 5. Some hero cars and their abilities suck hard, I don't think it's just a case of mastering them, because there doesn't seem to be anything to master.

I also always find it confusing to remember if I'm the blue or orange team. The game should do a better job at reminding you of that in the heat of battle.
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