Destructoid: PS4 controller prototype & devkit photo, [Up: New Photo/Info In OP]


GAF's Bob Woodward
Jun 8, 2004
Or so it appears. Via Ashler in the VG247 thread.

IGN said:
Update: Another source has told IGN that the mysterious space in the middle of the controller can be pressed like a button, something Kotaku's source has also stated. Our separate source also indicates that the R2 and L2 buttons may actually be more in line with spring-loaded Xbox 360-like triggers and that the light atop the controller is indeed a PlayStation Move sensor.

Things to note - this very likely isn't a final design even if it represents final functionality. Sony has been experimenting with various prototypes, apparently.

edit - a brightened view via Beermeister

edit 2 - infinityBCRT suggests looking at the black rectangles either side of the dev kit. Suggests they might be camera lenses, providing the functionality of the rumoured stereo depth camera?


ORBIS Controller Features:

- Digital Buttons:

  • Directional buttons
  • Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square
  • L1, L2 and L3
  • R1, R2 and R3
  • SHARE (reserved for the system and cannot be accesed by the application)
  • Touchpad clicks
  • PS (reserved for the system and cannot be accesed by the application)

Analog Buttons:

  • L2
  • R2

- Sticks:
  • Left
  • Right

- Touchpad:

  • Two-point multi-touch (with mechanical click)
  • ORBIS Controller has an electrical capacitance touchpad where the position at wich the user’s finger is touching the pad can be detected. At most, two points can be detected at the same time.

- Motion sensors:

  • 3-axes gyro sensor
  • 3-axes velocity sensor

- Vibration feature:
  • Large motor
  • small motor

- Light bar:

  • RGB LED (reserved for the system and cannot be accesed by the application)

No info on mic or jack


Sep 27, 2009
Light emitter for PSEye(s) to detect.
My first thought is that the touchpad is way too small.
If that is the real thing then I doubt it's close to final design.
Apr 3, 2010
Looks unfinished.

Like a quick work in progress shell to see what devs think. I am sure that isnt the final design.

If they make it look a bit nicer I think I would be ok with that. More space between the sticks and bigger grips = me a happy boy.