Destructoid: PS4 controller prototype & devkit photo, [Up: New Photo/Info In OP]

So when I toss my controller across the room after playing Lair 2, there's the potential for my plugged in headphones to go with them? I'll take 2, Sony.

Good job by the artist renditions that came close to this devkit edition.
the handles look wider! yes!! the ds3 has the worst handle grips out of the 360 pad, ds3, and wii u pro.

it looks like they are improving the ergonomics of the controller while keep true to the ds layout. not bad.
People complain when Sony unveiled the PS3 Boomerang controller so they left the controller alone. Now people complain because the controller was not changed that much....
I hope it's bigger than current PS3 controller. That thing is cramp inducing. Was hoping for the sticks to be offset, like the 360, but I knew it would be wishful thinking :(
I like the prototype better than the mock-up. That's simply because I would still smash my thumbs together on the mock-up but not on the prototype.
I really don't think that's a mic. I reckon it's a speaker grille. It's way too large to be a mic and the placement means all anyone would hear would be clacking analogue sticks.
Agree. Only because if its a mic then you'd think audio would come out somewhere too.
I think there is a mic but more discrete.


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Hope that's the one they use, best case scenario right there, slightly curved, better d-pad and symmetrical sticks.You have a source? How different is this from the other prototypes?
Of course but anonymity is key as this is a friend so......


Triggers feel perfect and it feels good in your hands. This is his own opinion. Either way, it's sounding good to me.

No offense and all but even with us knowing its a prototype. Why should we listen to your source?
Sorry but this info I have had for months so I'm just sort of confirming that the thing is real and it's a prototype.
Who cares if it's a prototype? It doesn't make it look any better. Can I respond to every post praising it and say it's just a prototype? Come on, the negative opinions are still valid.

That said, I think it looks great. The Vita D-Pad is probably the best I've ever used, so I hope it's similar in practice.
Or so it appears. Via Ashler in the VG247 thread.

Things to note - this very likely isn't a final design even if it represents final functionality. Sony has been experimenting with various prototypes, apparently.

edit - a brightened view via Beermeister


I know the dev kit is no way indicative of the final product but what if the ps4 followed the design cues of the ps2?

For me that would be a step backwards. The OG PS3 was a sexy beast of a machine. Shame it didn't come in matt.
It's a lot nicer than the DS3, looks heftier (good thing), nice dpad, analog sticks are concaved (but they're not?), and hopefully the triggers are more 360-like.

Still would rather have asymettrical analogs, but this is a step in the right direction.
The choice of a rectangular shape for the blue thing is... surprising. If it is supposed to be tracked by a camera like the move spheres, it's not the more convenient shape, it would have been easier to have a small LED at each corner of the rectangle, instead of the whole rectangle.