Destructoid: PS4 controller prototype & devkit photo, [Up: New Photo/Info In OP]

Maybe I'm just lucky to have big hands, but this is exactly where I'd want the touchpad. The only issue would be if you had to track from one side to the other with the same thumb, in which case I'd just let go of the back of the pad with one hand.

Other than the fact that this is obviously a cheap, unpolished mockup, I'm generally encouraged. Worst part is the bulky top and even that doesn't bother me too much.

I'm just thrilled to see a Vita style D-pad and the new sticks look good.

Well case closed then, I guess.

Are you trying to assault that thing? I suppose I see your point if you wrap your hand around the top of it like that.
Looks great, i enjoy the 360 controller a lot, and for some genres it is absolutely the best in the business (FPS, TPS) but it is not the gamepad they should try to emulate, because there are genres out there that are almost unplayable on that pad, at least for me i cannot enjoy fighting games on it.

The Dual Shock is the jack of all trades controller, plays everything just fine, it is classic and represents the PlayStation brand. Changing it too much is a unnecessary risk, about as unnecessary as changing the name of the console.

Granted better shoulder buttons and slightly better analog sticks would not hurt anyone. I like this design, i like that the screen they put in is small.

i hope this is the final version, and we can only judge the analog sticks and shoulder buttons once we hold it.
Terrible controller design. By my estimates, no one is going to be able to hold it.


I love everything about where this controller seems to be going except for that light. That just seems annoying. I'd prefer if the PS button lit up dimly or something, not a bright ass bar of light on top of the controller. My guess is that has something to do with motion control, which meh. At least it's a genuine controller though.
I'm sorry, what now?

Once Sony learns how to design one, I'll get right on it.
God you are a sourpuss.

How about waiting until the Ouya controller actually, you know, ships? Or for that matter the PS4 final controller design? Ouya was symmetrical early on, you know....

I'm hoping that the grille on the front is just a mic input. That makes more sense to me then a headphone jack. Although both are welcome.
Concave sticks with a seemingly redesigned grip. Pretty much exactly what I wanted.
Other than the right stick's placement it looks like the fixed all of the glaringly obvious problems the design has had since PSX.

The layout of the sticks is one of the most minor and overblown issues to ever emerge from the controller debate. What's far more important is the overall shape of the controller.
My thumbs run into each other fairly often when playing games on a dual shock that requires using both analog sticks.
Besides the Wii U, I think Sony is the only one that has stuck with the asymmetrical design over the past 15 years. Granted, not many consoles have come out since then.

I was just mentioning that most systems outside of Sony have not been symmetrical.

Either way, it's ALL preference. There is no industry standard.
Seeing as there are only 3 systems and two are symmetrical how can you say most have not been symmetrical?
The layout of the sticks is one of the most minor and overblown issues to ever emerge from the controller debate. What's far more important is the overall shape of the controller.
Yeah, I won't argue against that. If the DS wasn't so tiny there would be less of an issue. I like the bulkiness of the one in the rumored pic.
I assume the LED is for the PSeye, not sure what it would be used for though. We need a pick of the back, the prongs look like they might be shaped different.
I don't think anyone is going to want to play a shooter two handed, so party games. It could be useful for some user interface stuff, too. Though, I really think it's for feature parity mostly (like the speaker/mic[?]).