Destructoid: PS4 controller prototype & devkit photo, [Up: New Photo/Info In OP]

Paint it matt black and sell it me as is.

Not sure about the pad though, looks a bit... off. Is that a speaker grille under the touchpad?
There should be a touch screen instead of the touch pad. Touch screen is much more useful for typing and menu navigation. Sony cheapened out on a very important element here imo, even though a touch screen would cost them $5.
Are those Concave sticks? Oh baby.

Sony, you're very very close to getting me to jump off of the Microsoft ship next-gen. (In large part due to Microsoft themselves, though) Blow me away on the 20th and you'll complete my defection.


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Are the metallic box and the back box on top of it connected? I would assume so due to the appearance of the black box.

The controller looks quite nice but is probably not, as been pointed out several times already, a finalized design. It looks simple enough and all the buttons I want are there.
yes, more grip around the rim of the thumbsticks..... perfect for KZ4 and MW4... a D-Pad like my VITA.... very nice...

I'm liking it so far...Lets see it in action.