Detective GAF uncovers evidence of imminent Nintendo Direct as soon as next week

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We've cracked the code fellas.

Nothing is confirmed until an official announcement, but sinonobu noticed that on the Japanese Nintendo Direct page a slot opened up about a week before the last direct aired. tonyh24613 provided evidence that this isn't a new pattern and that he'd noticed the same phenomenon before. Today, another slot opened up in the same manner.

So apparantly there's another empty spot on nintendo direct page...

Guessing Stars is coming
Just before April's Nintendo Direct, the JP Nintendo Direct page had an empty spot.

Apparently JP Nintendo Direct site has an empty spot again so there might be Nintendo Direct soon
For anyone curious:

April 30 (archived)


Looks like they moved the Miitopia direct.
Pokemon Direct was moved last time. This was exactly one week before the April Direct.

I found this once before.

And there was a direct on Nov 13, announced on 10.
If it's happening, expect an announcement this week.
The only things that would make sense to me are Pokémon Stars or the next mobile game (Animal Crossing?). They just gave more details about the Zelda season pass, and I think it's too early/soon after the last Direct to be ARMS-focused. I suppose it could be ARMS, though.

I'd take a Switch OS-level Direct as well for online and VC stuff, though I have no idea if/when that would happen.
I bet this is Pokemon related. Pokemon games are always revealed on their own terms, ORAS were announced in early May 2014 because of the financial briefing, and just last year there was the Sun/Moon teaser Direct mere days before an actual full Direct.

If they revealed Pokemon for Switch just after releasing Mario Kart 8 and BOTW, that'd be the mother of all bombs.

According to the way back machine this happened on July 30th 2016 as well.

And there wasn't a direct for a full month after that.
I'd nut at the speed of light if by some holy miracle they'd announce a new Animal Crossing. Probably way too early with Splatoon 2 not even out though...
If they're getting Stars out this year, it'd make sense to have it out in the open prior to E3. Though honestly, it's not like they need to boost hype on the Switch. They literally can't keep the things stocked.

I'm guessing this is about a few smaller games and features that are set for an early Summer launch (indies, Virtual Console, online infrastructure). Maybe Smash 4 for Switch?
If this was Iwata Nintendo I'd be hyped already, but Kimishima era seems less fond of Directs, so I'm not too sure this wasn't just a mishap.

Will be happy if it's true, of course.
Worst case is N2DS news + Zelda DLC roundup.

Most anticlimactic would be additional ARMS info.

Better would be MK8D DLC announcement.

Huge would be Pokemon Stars or a lot of Virtual Console news or Mother 3.

Megaton would be beloved old franchise ressurection (Metroid Prime, F Zero) or a port of a big new AAA multiplat.
If this was Iwata Nintendo I'd be hyped already, but Kimishima era seems less fond of Directs, so I'm not too sure this wasn't just a mishap.

Will be happy if it's true, of course.
We've had like 4 Directs in a way this year alone. The January presentation was live, but it could've been a direct. We had a Fire Emblem Direct. We had the Nindies Presentation, which was basically a Direct and then we had the Switch/3DS Direct last month.

Haven't they done small directs in the past that are just set up for their big E3 directs? I seem to remember one or two of those.
They did a "mini" Direct like a week before E3 one time. I can't remember which E3 it was, but I want to say it was E3 2015.
Watch it be 3DS exclusive or even crossgen.
Cross gen wouldn't necessarily bad. I could easily see Switch version amassing a lot of sales despite it also being on 3DS, because you'd be able to play it on your TV like many have wanted to see of Pokemon for a long time. Also improved graphics, framerate and textures.


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Another one.

Pokemon Stars seems likely. Could see them focusing on the 3DS version and announcing/showing the Switch version at e3 as a surprise.


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Ah, so perhaps this could just be preparation for E3. That would make sense. Nintendo of America will certainly announce their E3 plans in the next few weeks.
For reference, Nintendo announced their E3 plans on May 5th for 2016, and May 13th for 2015.
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