Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC/PS4/XB1) [Update: Big images in OP]

This is honestly one of my favorite aspects of the Crysis series.
yep, being able to change it on the fly, doing one encounter with a stealth load out and then in the next doing some sniping and then third one just going in full assault mode is amazing, instead of having to look for guns with specific attachment or only being able to do it in between missions or at certain ingame boxes/items, never understood why more fps games didn't steal that idea
Wait, not Malik? WHY

This point makes me so angry! Jensen & Malik should be cyber
They should go half way and say that
Despite being captured, she was found alive but with her body torn to pieces so Sarif had her augmented Raiden from Metal Gear style.
. It was so refreshing to see a positive, non stereotypical Middle Eastern character in a western game
Anyone else feel like the environment may be too busy? I'd hate to see this with no AA. If they learned their lessons from HR and put effort into stealth from the start, I'll be happy.
I would like to say the marketing for Human Revolution had lots of shooting as well - before the beta version was leaked, people were actually very skeptical that the game would be decent at all - the fact they kept a lot of series tenets alive in the new game took everyone by surprise.

So... I have faith. I think stealth, etc. will be preserved.
For this reason, we have to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters, including and ( spoiler! ) pilot Farid Malik. In one of the missions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Farida plane was shot down on approach to the landing. Life charming pilot was in the hands of players: could repulse enemy offensive and save Malik or throw it to die at the crash site. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on the job we will deliver new pilot - Elias check.
No Malik?! But...

And now I'm playing Human Revolution OST and thinking of the new one they'll give us. Nice.
Oh man. Everything in Human Revolution was top-notch, but the OST was slightly topper-notch, to a god tier level. Can't wait for the trailer to hear a sample.
HR could have definitely used some improvements, but I'll be damned if it wasn't a mad solid game.

After what went down in HR's endings, though, I'm weary of how they're gonna explain Jensen. A clone? A brainwashed soldier? Even more augmented than he was before, a la double cyborg? Are we going to go through half the game before realizing this was a Hideo Kojima joint?!

The backstory is probably gonna be based off the neutral ending.
Oh lawd yes, I am definitely ready for this. Loved Human Revolution and could really go for a sequel right about now.

And why are you all saying no Malik, has it already been confirmed she's not appearing? She was one of the best things about HR! :(
Malik being dead canonically makes me feel less bad for being too specialized on non-lethal stealth to have ever saved her, at least.

Day one, unless they do some skeevy Square Enix bullshit. Human Revolution was one of the best games of last gen, looking forward to another.
As long as it's the same core team that worked on Human Revolution I don't think anybody needs to worry about this not being true to the series. They put so much care into making it a true Deus Ex sequel and I have full faith they can do it again.