Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC/PS4/XB1) [Update: Big images in OP]

May 23, 2013
For reference this is how the game looked on PC at max settings :

Huuuuge step up graphically.
I think you have a pretty sad knee jerk reaction there. We don't even know the size of the maps being rendered, how detailed / how many objects / enemies / NPCs etc are in any one area. There is so much unknown that it is pointless to go off on this tangent right now
Dec 20, 2014
Will it still have

- Only one hacking minigame for everything
- No skills
- No melee combat besides a "takedown" that requires energy
- No locational damage/injuries
- No way of doing anything without augs (hack a computer, open a locked door, punch a guy in the face, etc...)
- No toilet reflections

I don't have much hope for this game.
I would wait for E3 in a couple months if I were you.
Nov 9, 2013
I just hope to god that battery recharging extends to more than one battery in this one. Having to hoard energy bars was hilarious, but it was retardedly limiting once you got a lot of good augs.
Aug 12, 2013
Is not the first image just the old released 'in-engine' shot with some art photoshopped on it? The framing of these shots is not professional quality, and the crysis one surely the most obvious indicator of a fake.
Impossible to perspective shift that much. The OP should have mentioned this, but this is all likely connected to the Square Enix 3 day stream that has been going on.

No way this is unofficial. They've been teasing this for a while. As for photoshop like looks, that's just because they are marketing images, and probably are photoshopped, doesn't mean it isn't an actual announcement.

As for the information that was translated (by Google, so there are obviously errors/strange parts), I'd say that the bit about the 4 endings is actually trying to say that "no ending is not canon" and Google translate is confusing that double negative. A little disappointing that they are doing another Invisible War style "EVERYTHING IS CANON" thing, but I have faith they can pull it off a bit better than Ion Storm did. For one thing, the endings weren't nearly anywhere close to as different from each other as the original Deus Ex's were, so a combination canon ending is fine.

Disappointed that Jensen is the protagonist though, I think he could have worked best as an important mid-to-late game NPC to act as a foil for the protagonist based on their choices, but whatever.

All I need confirmed are more than 3 hubs (HR had 2, but 3 is the least that is acceptable IMO), and bigger areas within those hubs. I'd like to have a lot more active augmentations, rather than just general stat upgrades, but making the game less cramped compared to the original Deus Ex is more important for me.

It's funny how many people are paranoid about this being an MMO or something despite many denials of such claims. That and the fact everyone is exclaiming "It's a shooter, NOOOOO!" is pretty funny. Guess what? Companies advertise their game to appeal to as many people as possible, just because they want to show off shooter mechanics (even if one is a pretty obvious "stealth"/cover shot that is very similar to HR's stealth/cover system) does not mean they are in any way abandoning multiple approach gameplay.


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Jensen again? Nothing against him but I wanted a new protag.

EDIT: No Malik? Son of a bitch!
Nov 5, 2014
Original Deus Ex is my GOAT. Human Revolution was damn good. Amazing visuals. Story wasn't as compelling in the end but had cool ideas.

Those are unashamedly bullshots though. Hype levels are real though.
Feb 20, 2013
Hell Yes! Finally something to get excited about again!

What ending will they use if none of the 4 are canon from Human Revolution lol? There is no way this is a prequel.
What if Jensen killed everyone on the island (fufilling the ending option of leaving choice to humanity) but he somehow survived the blast? You never know lol.


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Sep 21, 2010
Holy Fuck! Yes Jesus. The return of Adam Jensen, the best protagonist of recent years! The graphics look sick and I know the gameplay will turn out fine
May 1, 2012
Cleveland, OH
It always has been?

If you want it to be that is.

So, is that more Jensen I see? I'm down. Loved Human Revolution as fitting with the legacy of the original, even if it was more straightforward.

And this isn't because of what exactly?

HR was a RPG/action/stealth hybrid. Not as detailed as the original but very good.