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Deus Ex studio aims to return to the series under its new owner


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These rumors come from prolific insider Jeff Grubb, speaking on Giant Bomb's Game Mess Mornings podcast. Grubb notes that any internal discussions about Eidos Montreal's next project are very early, but he says that the studio is eager to return to Deus Ex.

"It's early. The rumbling I've heard is that the studio wants to immediately get into Deus Ex. They want to get right back into that. They want to challenge - they want to do what Cyberpunk 2077 couldn't, and stuff like that."

Source: here

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Played a small part of Deus Ex MD... and the part where you can only do a couple stealth takedowns and then eat a candy bar to fill up the gauge to do more is absolutely stupid.


Hopefully it's a straight continuation of Mankind Divided and not a reboot of any sort...


I'm always down for more Deus Ex, so I hope this rumour pans out.

Human Revolution and Mankind Divided were terrific, however, Mankind Divided suffered from the smaller plot focus where it felt almost inconsequential. If they're going to go big, I hope they don't bastardise the experience in a bid to make it more "accessible" to sell more copies.
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