Deus Ex: The Fall coming to PC [Confirmed]

Deus Ex: The Fall is now confirmed for PC. No word on other platforms.

Press Release
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Following last year’s release on mobile devices, we’re really happy to now announce that Deus Ex: The Fall is coming to Steam on March 25.

The game’s been adapted for the PC, meaning (of course) full keyboard/mouse controls, but also a whole bunch of other little bits too - so if you didn’t fancy dipping into Ben Saxon’s story previously, now would be an eminently sensible time to reconsider. After all, the game was produced with the original creative team from the superb Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and there's the small matter of new tracks penned by none other than Michael McCann...

The Steam version will sell for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99, but if you pre-order the game now (or grab it for a limited time after launch) you’ll also get the original Deus Ex – Game of the Year Edition as well, for free... and if you’ve already have DE:GOTY, you’ll be able to gift it to somebody else instead!

So what’s on the complete feature list, compared to last year's mobile version of the game?

  • No in-game purchase options
  • 28 Steam achievements
  • Adjusted AI
  • Steam Trading Cards, Badges and (TBC)
  • Revised tutorial
  • Full keyboard and Mouse control optimisation
  • Rebalanced game economy taking into account no IAP
  • Microsoft Controller support
  • Removal of auto target options
  • Reduction in aiming recital size
  • Choice in cover style as DXHR (HOLD or Toggle)
  • Resolution options
  • Anti Aliasing option
  • Vsync
  • Control maps for keyboard and gamepad

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Credit goes to ColonelColon in the Steam thread.

As you can see these are Steam links. I thought the game was great despite the iOS limitations


  • 60FPS
  • Better textures
  • Better FOV
  • Mouse & keyboard support
  • Controller support
  • Fixed bugs
  • Larger areas
  • More ways of doing levels
  • More content.

Yes ''i asked for this.'' I feel the game would be great on PC if SE/Eidos Montreal put in the extra effort.
Phil Rogers said a few weeks ago in an interview that they thought Deus Ex: The Fall was a good idea, but they may have gotten the platform wrong, so this is likely real.

I probably should have made a thread then thinking back.
I'd love a port for PS4/XBO. Would help alleviate the drought a little bit more.

Yes I know games are finally starting to release but there's a lot of blank space in the first half of the year


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I just looked up a video of this game for the first time and I'm really impressed I actually want to play it after watching part of the IGN review. If this turns out to be false and the game stays on mobile I might just get the iOS version. It really does look like a mini Human Revolution on a tablet. And it would also work excellently on Vita.
I just looked up a video of this game for the first time and I'm really impressed. If this turns out to be false and the game stays on mobile I might just get the iOS version. It really does look like a mini Human Revolution on a tablet. And it would also work excellently on Vita.
i got the game for like 99cents, Its good but touch screen controls suck donkeys nutsack.


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Seems really downscaled, but I'm interested to play it as I like the Deus Ex formula. Hope it's been scrubbed up a bit.
Was just about to purchase it on my phone the other day, but decided to wait due to a massive backlog of games I'm trying to catch up to. With this potential news, I rather wait and play it on PC instead.
If it comes to PC or consoles i'd buy it day 1 no doubt. This one always interested me but i hate playing on tablets and stuff like that.
I guess their mobile experiment didn't work out as well as they'd hoped. I don't think they can really salvage it now by putting it on the PC, in a move that will surely only attract people who were really big fans of Human Revolution. Although I'm sure the game didn't cost too much in the first place anyway.
It should always also been on the Vita, considering the similar architecture and power envelope of the platform to iOS platforms. Some reviewers criticized the controls, which wouldn't have been a problem.

Looking at the latest announcements, there is probably no hope for a Vita port. PC/360/PS3 and maybe Wii U. The latter would surprise me though.


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Why would this make you glad that you don't have an iOS device?
I assume he means that he would've bought the game earlier were that an option and therefore would have later regretted doing so upon seeing this thread.
damn, to think i just bought the game on my Nexus 7 a few days ago... if only i waited...

BTW if this comes on consoles (and specifically Wii U, Human Revolution Director's Cut was amazing) i might double dip...
The game was fun on iOS. Shooting was horrible ofc, but sneaking, instant takedowns, first person exploration and hacking worked surprisingly well on a touchpad (I played on the pre-air iPad). I will probably buy the revamped pc version to see the larger areas and extra content.
Have they sorted out the problems in the PC version of Deus Ex: Director's Cut? I really want to play it in time for The Fall, but I've held back due to the numerous bugs reported in the Steam Community forum.