Devil Survivor: Overclocked (EU) finally released after 2 years, still has bugs.

Jan 28, 2012
Once again, Ghostlight shows their incompetence: after taking almost 2 years to release the European version of Devil Survivor: Overclocked (which doesn't introduce any additional languages or extras, it's just the US version with some small changes due to ratings/NoE requirements) messes up their final retail version of the game.

People on Gamefaqs, Twitter and Ghostlight's own blog have mentioned a game breaking bug and several crashes. You are not able to use the "Summon" command without having the game crash on you. There's also been multiple reports of people having the auction house crash on them when the seller has lied about the demon's stats.

Quote from a comment on the Ghostlight blog (related to the "Summon" command):

Hi guys! Loving DS:O so far, but unfortunately I have to report a bug. Every time I try to use the 'Summon' command, my game freezes and I have to reset the whole console :'(

Tested with: Free slots in teams; Slots in team with dead demons; multiple different battles, Free and Story.

I know other people have reported this, but is there any word of a fix? Is it likely to be patched?
Complaint on Twitter about the auction house locking up:

Bug in a character's bio:

Well, I'm baffled.
Jan 28, 2012
People without wifi wouldn't be able to get the update. And who knows how long it'll take them to even fix this? It's a pretty major bug since the "Summon" command is used to replace your dead domains and it crashes pretty much every time you use it.
Oct 24, 2011
Did he put his first and last name in the wrong spots?
it wouldn't be surprising, i wasn't paying attention in persona 4 golden and managed to swap them as they ask for last name first then first name, I am guessing that overclocked is done the same way... to lazy to locate my copy and check though.

I don't recall any bugs like this in the NA version though, if they were there I have a feeling my friend who actually finished the game (I am only a few hours in... disgaea 4 distracted me lol) would have been complaining about them to me. It's a shame it took so long and has bugs, but hey at least you have a copy now, it could have just never been released. Ideally they get a patch out quickly and people can get it

People without wifi wouldn't be able to get the update.
unless you live in a secluded mountain area with no possible connection to the internet which then it's unlikely you own a gaming system anyways I can't see this being a big problem. While this is a valid worry for a home console, for something like the 3ds, well just take it to mcdonalds, or a coffee shop or a friends house ect. It's very very easy to get wifi access for a handheld anymore as long as you just need it for something like downloading a patch.
Jan 15, 2013
I bought this game to be my first jump into the SMT series in order to prepare me for SMT X FE, so I guess I'll wait until this is fixed/reissued before I start it.
Jan 28, 2012
And this is Atlus' fault because?...

And no, there's nothing like this in the NA version.
Indeed, it's not present in the NA version and Atlus doesn't have anything to do with this. I'm baffled because Ghostlight kept telling people they needed all this time to fix certain requirements that are specific to NoE (very small stuff I assume, how hard can it be, they basically got a 99% finished product from Atlus) and after all this time (close to 2 years) they still manage to introduce new bugs...


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Sep 9, 2006
I really wonder why Atlus US won't just put their games onto the PAL eShop as soon as possible. It can't be that expensive to release games on other regions eShop when it is working for Code of Princess and its original publisher.

Releasing the game around the time of Fire Emblem is really a mistake though.
May 25, 2012
I guess I have to import the game after all. Could have bought it together with my US 3DS but wanted to support Ghostlight for bringing the Devil Survivor series to Europe. What a shame.
Jan 11, 2012
Oh come on... Those guys are incompetent, really.
They took 2 YEARS.
2 YEARS to slap their DAMN LOGO on the cover and in the game... and yet they found a way to make a game breaking game ? Bravo Ghostlight, and Bravo Atlus for not having a European branch.
Jan 28, 2012
Seriously Ghostlight, how did you miss these problems? Sigh gonna cancelled my order and wait for them to either fix it or put up an eShop this just one person or several though?
It's several and it's not some bug that you can only trigger after a sequence of random events that would rarely happen in that order, it's something that happens every single time you select a certain command.
Jun 27, 2011
Hail region lock!

*hugs Vita*

Then again ain't these the exact same companies responsible for the P4A? I hope publishers cannot region lock Vita games ;-;

And as far as I know there has been no progress in hacking 3DS? :/
Oct 20, 2011
So you can't summon any replacement demons to help you in battle, damn. How the hell did a bug in such a fundamental mechanic get missed? Good job I can just import the USA version to avoid- oh wait, Nintendo is "protecting" me from the dangers of imported software.

I recall a freezing issue with Ghostlight's release of Nocturne (Lucifers call) as well, when fighting particular monsters using 50Hz mode, the game could randomly freeze - very galling when exploring the Amala Labyrinth.

Hopefully they can patch this one soon.


Holy crap! Today's real megaton is that more than two people can have the same first name.
Sep 12, 2011
I actually hope Nintendo start publishing these games in Europe, especially now there's a SMT x FE crossover.

Ghostlight are just inept.
Jan 20, 2008
I hate Ghostlight so much, a terrible publisher with absolutely disgusting psn pricing.
For these types of bugs its like they never even tested the game.
Jan 11, 2012
They don't have a European branch. Would you like to provide them the necessary capital to establish one?

Blame Ghostlight for being lazy, not Atlus for giving it to whoever wanted it.

NIS America are smaller than Atlus... and yet THEY HAVE money to bring Atlus games in Europe.
Also, nothing stop Atlus from publishing on eShop... oh yes, they hate Europe, that's enough.
Dec 17, 2007
NIS America are smaller than Atlus... and yet THEY HAVE money to bring Atlus games in Europe.
Also, nothing stop Atlus from publishing on eShop... oh yes, they hate Europe, that's enough.
I'm pretty sure NISA does not handle distribution at all themselves for the most part (usually use Tecmo Koei), which is a big thing in itself, excluding the eShop tactic. And every time I see something available via eShop only, I see people complaining about no physical version no buy etc etc. But I guess it's easier to say "omg they hate Europe, they don't care" and such.
Jun 23, 2010
WTF, and I pre ordered this some months ago when it was cheap on GAME =/
I'll tell my brother not to unwrap the game. If they don't fix this, I'll ask my brother to trade it off.
Apr 9, 2011
jesus sounds serious. I dont know if I can cancel my amazon order since it says its in the middle of getting ready for dispatch. I think I'll just wait for it to be delivered and return it if ghostlight dont give a response next week.