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[DF] Face off :Far Cry Primal(PC, PS4, XB1)


Feb 25, 2014
More here - http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-face-off-far-cry-primal

Clearly, the theme for Ubisoft's latest series instalment is refinement over revolution, and as such we see this Dunia-engine-powered title share many similarities with Far Cry 4. PS4 once again hands in a native 1080p image, while Xbox One's native resolution comes in at around 1440x1080, as before. The lack of straight geometric edges in this prehistoric world makes pixel-counting a challenge, but overall image quality is comparable to the previous game, and we see many of the same visual characteristics on each of the two consoles. Ubisoft's chosen anti-aliasing method once again appears to match HRAA, with a higher-precision implementation on the PS4 giving it a more pristine image.

With regards to general visual quality on consoles, Ubisoft once again hits parity in most areas on PS4 and Xbox One. World detail and effects effects are rendered to the same standard, and likewise for texture quality, where filtering is deployed at a matching quality level. Scrutinising the two closely, PS4 commands a small advantage in two areas, however; draw distances and shadow quality. For the first, Far Cry Primal's rendering range is pushed very slightly further afield on Sony's machine, causing foliage and objects to stream in later on Xbox One. It takes side-by-side comparison shots to pinpoint, as with a slight boost in shadow clarity noticed on PS4 - though there's little in the way of other, more egregious advantages for the console.

Even with each upgrade in place, the PC release of Far Cry Primal still falls close to the console visuals - a disappointing reality, when compared to the margin of improvement seen in Far Cry 4 at its top PC settings. The main differentiator is, instead, performance, where Far Cry Primal delivers a locked 30fps on both consoles on an almost permanent basis. Single frame drops or solitary torn frames rarely appear, as shown in our above analysis, but these are of little consequence to playability.

In Far Cry 4, venturing into more detailed forest areas would cause noticeable frame-rate drops on Xbox One, but here large amounts of alpha transparencies pose no problems for either console. Free from any arresting frame-rate drops, Far Cry Primal rarely wavers from its 30fps cap. That said, lateral movement and quick camera pans still create a degree of mild judder on occasion - produced by a combination of a shaky camera in action scenes and the usual reduced smoothness of a 30Hz presentation when compared to titles running at double the frame-rate.

There's no way to power past the 30fps limitation on consoles, but on PC it's possible to target 60fps using popular higher end GPUs. In this case we put the GTX 970 and Radeon R9 390 to the test, and the results are positive on the whole; running in 1080p resolution we only had to drop shadows down to high and geometry to very high in order to keep frame-rates above the desired 60fps level. This provided us with visuals above the console grade, plus smoother gameplay when using either GPU. Maximum settings are off the cards here, but the R9 390 gets close. In fact, we see the AMD card produce a distinct advantage throughout, and there's enough headroom to bump up most settings as far as they can go and still hit 1080p60 with ease.
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