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Analysis Review DF - Ghost of Tsushima tech review: Sony first-party magic delivers a beautiful open world

Endless Fluff

Feb 27, 2017
Holy fucking shit, I'm not telling anyone to play this game in 1080p at all times, I'm only saying what NX Gamer has said in his video.

There is literally the transcription of what NX Gamer has said, copied from YouTube. I'm not twisting anything you simply don't want to hear that he is literally stating that sections of the game have bad performance, performance so bad that he switched to performance mode FOR THESE SECTIONS and he's recommending people do so as well. There is no fucking twist on my part, you are the one ignoring the fact that he is mentioning small sections of the game running bad.

No one has said that you should keep the Framerate mode on at all times, I have not said this and I didn't say that NX Gamer has said this. He said that there are SECTIONS (OR PARTS, OR 10%) of the game that have bad performance. He even says which sections (Castle battles for example, he says that right at the end of his video accompanied with "you know what I mean" which implies that it's going to be obvious) and especially when fighting certain enemies during these sections.

You said that I was making shit up and that NX Gamer has never said anything about "recommend performance mode" and you can't even admit that you were wrong after I've given you the transcript. lol.
If he felt compelled to change to performance mode during these sections then it's easy to infer from that, that he must've had massive drops, yes, otherwise he would've said that you should leave it on all the time, because you have 1-3fps drops (those are slight drops) quite often during regular combat, especially when it's foggy. JFC, he says "It drops PRETTY LOW" in these sections.

NXGamer NXGamer
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