DF: If you're playing Apex Legends on Switch, turn cross-play off

Just tried the game on switch. It's mostly playable but the framerate drops into the low/mid 20s during most firefights and ya it's blurry as hell. Still pretty fun though, worth it if the switch is the only platform you own

Imagine 30fps 720p when you're used to 144fps 1440p . Bigger yikes :sick:
Ya man, the last time I played the game before this was on PC and this was pretty jarring. My guess is that it isn't running anywhere near 720 in handheld mode. Hopefully respawn/panic button can get it optimized a bit better.


Is true 21:9 supported?
Because a lot of fucking devs always cry about it being unfair.

when its perfectly normal to fuck over users the other way around..


Quite honestly i have no idea why anyone would get these games on switch rather than ps or xbox. Unless you only have a switch. Some people will say portability! But i say they are idiots. Who the fuck wants to play a game like apex in handheld mode. I wish devs would stop wasting time and reaources making pointless ports to the switch and focus in actual games built for the switch from the ground up.


Those long posts don't cover that red neck boy
Im actually waiting for the DF review on this one.

Purely judging by looks, i get a instant flash back to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on Xbox 360/PlayStation 3. It sports a similar artstyle and it has the same solid color ground textures, making it look very similar:

Ofcourse, Apex Legends has far larger maps, so hence why i am waiting for a DF review.


I played a few hours on Switch Lite with a Pro Controller and then went back to PS4 and my brain almost exploded after the framerate difference. lol

Is it even possible to patch the Switch version to something a bit smoother? That being said, I enjoyed a few Switch only matches.
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