Diablo 4 beta .......console users who logged in at launch....still can't get in?

Anyone who is a console user who was able to login in right around launch....booted and still cannot get in?

Apparently it's a bug for console users (XSX user here), where their server thinks it needs to authenticate but still logged in. Results in a perpetual 'queue' loop with no timer.

Blizzard Community manager chimed in on the Blizzard forums this morning clueless about the issues affecting thousands of players (even hundreds of people posting the issue there) and asking for more info.

How have they not rebooted the servers and clear the cache?

Anyone encounter this since launch and has finally been able to get in?

EDIT: There is one work around........create a new Blizzard account with a new email and connect it to your Xbox account. It will be a fresh account though. Not sure if I'll be able to use my old one in the future, but I don't see why I couldn't. Different emails. Just disconnect the 'new' account from Xbox and re-add the old one in the future.
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