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Diablo Immortal is a huge success making 1 million dollars a day on average, despite being the worst user rated game in Metacritic history


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makes sense. you don't really need to spend any money in Apex Mobile, it's only really boring skins and that's it


this is a disgusting anti consumer method and if other games follow this method with gameplay tht is microtransactioned ,there might be laws passed for games gambling again
Who cares, people who blow money on garbage like this deserve to lose as much as possible. Just gets taxed and re invested. Blizzard should make them all go broke lol.


People are acting like it isn't business as usual to exploit human weakness. From targeted advertising to "sales" at department stores. We always buy shit we don't need. It just seems more obvious when it comes to mobile gaming but if you fall for it, I don't really feel sorry for you. I played it for a while and never spent money. I also played all the Ass Creeds and not once spent money on cosmetics. The only game I spent money on was Path of Exile for more stash space and because I believe GGG deserved some cash for the 2 hundred hours of fun the game provided.

As the thread asking our ages shows, we are not the target audience. We are dinosaurs that can't be exploited for the most part. A dying breed, unfortunately. Games like Fortnite are conditioning our youth to believe this is normal, and one day it will be. Sad.


maybe people now will realize that users scores are worthless. nah theyll just review bomb everything and pretend to themselves that it mattered.

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MS going to have a shiton of gaming revenue coming in once this deal closes.

Between this and King games that 70B will pay itself off in no time.

Let's remember back to when ppl thought MS overpaid for Minecraft, and look at how much it's made them now, for reference.
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Not surprised at all. This is just an anecdotal example but my brother's (early teen) son almost never asks for physical gifts and just wants my brother to buy him either V-bucks for Fortnite or card packs on FIFA Ultimate Team. It really is a fucking disaster but I guess this is the direction of travel now. His son will be an adult in 5-6 years' time ish and then he'll have his own money to blow on shit like that.

Oh well I've only ever "done" microtransactions and it was just a $3 power up on a cookie clicker game. That's literally it so I'm definitely "voting with my wallet" as they say. I don't mind buying large DLCs if they are sufficiently beefy and do not cost a fortune. Good example is the deluxe edition of BF4 with all the maps. You're really missing out if you don't have all the maps so I can justify it (plus I got it for like $10 on sale so joke's on EA).


Most F2P games with heavy monetization are made for 1% of the player base who will use tons of money on the game.
The rest will just hate the game when they realize how scummy it is.
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Most F2P games with heavy monetization are made for 1% of the player base who will use tons of money on the game.
The rest will just hate the game when they realize how scummy it is.

Not really, quite the opposite - most, and I do mean the vast majority of human race prefers to spend what? 3? 5? 8 bucks every now and then on a game they alteady know they kove and are soending a ton of time on it, instead of blowing up whole 70-100$ blindly on a game they're not even sure they like and will probably never finish it even once. But you know, few bucks multiplied by millions of users brings you those kind of financial results, so no eonder Ubisoft wants to go solely in the F2P direction.


Given another chance
I have not spent any money but my phone battery says I play too much.
Blizzard are coming for your wallet….

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